Bug of the week: Error with Font Mapping Hebrew in JRE 1.6

My annoying bug of the week came when I tried to fix the font mapping of our Forms 11g upgraded system. During the 11g upgrade, we moved from Jnitiator to JRE and since we are a Hebrew application all the font switched to David. I did everything according to the letter – mapfonts = yes change the fonts in the fontconfig.properties.src but it seemed no matter what I did the font in JRE 1.6 was David instead of the font assigned in the application or in the registry.dat file.

UNTIL I found this Oracle support note
After Upgrading to Either JRE 1.5.0_XX or 1.6.0_XX the Default Font for Hebrew Characters has Changed from “Arial” to “David” [ID 972975.1]

The work around is quite simple but a bit annoying:

1) Copy fontconfig.properties.src and rename to fontconfig.properties (more…)


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