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The Future of Oracle Forms Straight From the Source’s Mouth

At Kscope14 ODTUG had a “Social Media Lounge” where they interviewed leaders and visionaries in various technology fields. They have just released a great one where John King, a renowned Oracle ACE Director for middleware and Oracle development tools,  interviewed Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms Product Manager. Of course the hot topic was the future of Forms. When asked about this Michael responded:

“I’m smiling because I hear that [Forms is dead] a lot as well. I don’t know where that rumor started from. Some time ago when we [Oracle] made the decision years ago to start developing with ADF, I think at that point ADF became so popular that Forms seemed to fade away, when really we were still hard at work at it [Forms]. We have a really big community and hopefully we get to continue for years to come. Right now we’ve got the current release, which is 11, release 2 and it’s supported through 2016. And we’re working on the next version, which hopefully will be out sometime in 2015.”

Michael explained that the next release will be supported for the following 5 years (like all Oracle products) with an option to extend for an additional 3 years. This means that Forms is pretty much set until 2023. Once again I will shout it, Forms is NOT dead.

This time its not me who’s saying it. Its a promise straight from the Oracle Forms PM himself. I hope this will finally prove to you all that Oracle has no plans to abandon their Forms legacy customers. They are continuing to work on new releases with new features to satisfy their customers.

When asked what customers can do to prepare for the latest version Michael mentioned that many customers are still running very old versions of Forms. In order to take advantage of the new version that will be released in 2015 these customers need to update to 11. If you make the move to version 11 today it will make updating to 12, when it is released, very easy.

Hearing all of this promising news directly from Michael should be music to any Oracle Forms user’s ears. You can watch the full video here.

If you need assistance in upgrading your Oracle Forms system or would like to discuss your personal Forms challenges email us at [email protected]


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DOAG 2014 – Oracle Forms is alive and well in Germany

Last week I did a quick hop, skip, and a jump across the pond to Nuremberg, Germany for the DOAG usergroup conference. Although I was only there for a total of 54 hours, I’m so glad I made the effort to attend. I was especially honored to go to represent ODTUG as we further attempt to increase cooperation and connect with fellow user groups around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.34.34 PM

Michael Ferrante preparing for his session. I’m glad I made it just in time to attend!

My trip got off to a roaring start when I landed in Nuremberg at 9:30am on Tuesday, when the conference was already in full swing. I had to hustle over to the conference so I wouldn’t miss Michael Ferrante’s (Oracle Forms Product Manager) session, “Oracle Forms – Your Application Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Tired”. It was fun to be greeted by Michael’s friendly face; he is always my brother in arms at these conferences.

Full house at my DOAG session!             Standing room only.



My first session, “The Next 2 years: What should I do NOW with my Oracle Forms Systems?”  went great considering jet lag was looming it’s ugly head. We had quite a big audience and there were even people standing in the back row. The session was an overview of all you need to know to preserve your Oracle Forms investment in the short term to prepare for your long term strategy. You can download the session slides here.



After the session, I was busy all afternoon manning the ODTUG corner of the Usergroup booth, handing out some ODTUG swag and promoting our Mobile Day that’s happening just around the corner, on April 23, 2015 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You can get more information about this Mobile Day here.

Dinner with the DOAG group!

At the end of a chaotic but successful first day in Germany I finally got to relax and have a drink at dinner with the DOAG crew at the international speakers dinner. It was great to catch up with some old friends and the DOAG team really knows how to treat their guests like royalty.

Wednesday was once again packed with meetings including some interesting developments and partnerships. I had a great talk with Peter Raganitsch, a fellow Oracle ACE Director, CEO of FOEX and I am happy to announce that FOEX is going to work with AuraPlayer to do a webinar about Forms to APEX integration that will hopefully result in a great whitepaper about modernizing Forms with APEX integration. It will be an end-to-end demo featuring the sweet spot of each tool, beginning with using Oracle Forms to generate a word doc on the client side, and then using AuraPlayer to expose the system as a Webservice to be used as a REST service component to create a FOEX user interface. Stay tuned to find out when the webinar will be taking place. Another interesting meeting I attended was a round table with the heads of many European Oracle User Groups. I was so impressed with the passion, cooperation and creative ideas of this close knit bunch. I look forward to working together with them and the rest of the ODTUG board to bring even more value to the Oracle developer public in Europe.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.07.25 PM

The official DOAG selfie with Oracle Forms PM, Michael Ferrante.

My final day at DOAG started bright and early with prep for my second session, “Evolving from Legacy to Mobile and Beyond.” It was another great session where I discussed all the challenges, opportunities and considerations for going mobile. You can view the session slides here.


A special thanks to ODTUG and, especially to Ralf and Fried, for making my trip so enjoyable.

After my session was over I had to rush back to the airport to catch my flight home. The trip was a whirlwind of activity, as these big conferences always are, but it was also a lot of fun. I want to say a big dankeschon to the DOAG user group, and especially Fried and Ralf, for giving me such a spectacular welcome at their great event. Additionally I owe a huge thanks to ODTUG who sent me to Germany to represent them to our new European collaborators. I can’t wait for next year’s DOAG conference!



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UTOUG, An East Coast Girl Heads Out West to Spread the Forms Love

What a view!

I just returned from my first trip to Utah where I briefly (I was only there for 28 hours!) touched down in Salt Lake City to attend the UTOUG Fall Symposium.

Before I give you the run down, if you just want to cut to the chase, here are the session slides:

Evolving From Legacy to Mobile and Beyond

The Next Two Years: What Should I Do NOW with My Oracle Forms Systems?

While such a short trip meant the entire experience passed in a whirlwind, I got the royal treatment (thanks to the Oracle ACE program and the UTOUG leadership team) and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, especially the beautiful mountain views.

As soon as I landed I was greeted at the airport by friendly faces, Kellyn Pot’Vin and Tim Gorman, the Oracle DBA rockstars, and after a quick hug I rushed off to my hotel to get some sleep before the symposium in the morning.

After quick coffee I was off to present my first session, “Evolving From Legacy to Mobile and Beyond” where we discussed all of the challenges of going mobile and the considerations for how to design a mobile-first application. I went into so many challenges, opportunities and considerations, I hope I didn’t scare the crowd off :) You can view the session slides here.

Kellyn and I posed for a boot twin picture, but we got photobomed by Alex Gorbachev, CTO of the Pythian Group

As soon as I finished my first session I rushed off to my second one, “The Next Two Years: What Should I Do NOW with My Oracle Forms Systems?” With so many conflicting reports about the future of Forms, I wanted to set the record straight and offer a simple strategy for modernizing Forms systems for the future. And if you can believe it people STILL asked me if Oracle is discounting Forms! You can view the session slides here.

After a fast lunch I joined back up with Kellyn and we attended the Women in Tech Program. I always love events that highlight women in technology because there simply aren’t enough of us.

UTOUG just started their Women in Tech program last year, so this session was a chance to catch up and see what progress has been made. An achievement that UTOUG was able to accomplish was mentoring eight female undergraduate CS & IS majors to promote hiring women in the tech field. One of the key takeaways was that by the time students get to the college level it’s almost too late. One new idea was to start mentorships as early as middle school. I must admit this idea really inspired me and I have already talked to the PTA of my son’s school looking into this type of program in his school.

As one of the few female Oracle ACE Directors out there I’m always glad to hear that user groups are starting their own initiatives to bring more women into this field. Female power please!

After such a long day I was happy to unwind over a few drinks with some fellow ACEs and prominent members of the UTOUG community, including the President, Michelle Kolbe. UTOUG was kind enough to sponsor our dinner out at Red Rock and it even allowed me to stick to my vegan habits with a delicious polenta. A big shout out thank you to UTOUG for being so gracious and a special thanks to my tour guide and personal driver who gave me door-to-door service on my whirlwind tour, UTOUG board member Michael Heining.

Beautiful sunset on my way out of SLC

It was definitely one of the quickest trips I’ve ever taken, but I’m really glad I made the trek out west. It was great to catch up with the UTOUG community and to present for such great audiences. I’m definitely looking forward to the UTOUG Spring Training Days in 2015!


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DOAG14 Conference: Germany, Here Comes the Oracle Forms Masters!

Waitress-photoSomehow it is already November, which means I have to start gearing up for all the travel that I will be doing this month. I just got back from my first trip to Utah for the super UTOUG Training Days. The team treated us like royalty and it was fun being able to bring a bit of the legacy to mobile message to Salt Lake City. Now in less than 2 weeks….Germany here I come!

For the first time ever I will be representing ODTUG by presenting at the DOAG Conference  in Nuremberg, Germany. (Anyone know where I can get a good vegan meal :) ). I am honored to be involved in trying to further user group cooperation between ODTUG and the major European user groups to further our efforts of bringing unique content to users around the world in the cloud and mobile communities. I hope this is only the beginning of a strong relationship and endless possibilities to help our users by working together with DOAG. The conference itself  is a wealth of information where the bilingual agenda is packed with over 400 sessions and is bringing together Oracle users and Oracle partners from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the other neighboring European countries, and of course, this American Oracle ACE Director!

As far as content goes, DOAG has one of the strongest Oracle Forms agendas I have seen in the past 5 years! Highlights include: Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms PM, presenting a session: “Oracle Forms – Your Application Is Not Dead, It’s Just Tired” which will offer tips and tricks to modernize the UI and look and feel of your applications. Then he will also be joining me for my first session, “The Next Two Years: What Should I Do NOW with my Oracle Forms Systems?” Together, Michael and I are going to set the record straight about where Forms is going and how to create a game plan for the future, today. Topics include upgrading to the newest releases, modernizing the system user interface and the “if, when, and why” of migrating away from Oracle Forms including the options, costs, risks, and benefits. There are many other interesting Forms topics on the agenda presented by our friends at PITSS and Oracle.

My highlight will be presenting my session, “Evolving from Legacy to Mobile and Beyond” where I will go through all of the things to consider when modernizing a legacy system to a mobile app, including a basic introduction to Oracle Mobile Application Framework. It is always amazing to see the audience’s reaction to the session and how it energizes and inspires them to begin thinking about mobility. The session will also include a demo of the final product and offer tips on how to begin your Mobile journey. To get a glimpse of all the content including many amazing SOA/ADF sessions, you can see the entire DOAG agenda here.

This year, as we did in OOW, I will be  joining the one and only Michael Ferrante, Oracle Forms PM, for an Oracle Forms Developers appreciation event. We will be hosting a one-on-one dinner event to meet Michael, to hear about Oracle’s vision for Forms going forward, and to discuss your personal Oracle Forms challenges. To see if you qualify to join this one of a kind event please contact Emma.

If you would like to meet up with me personally while I am in Germany to discuss your individual Oracle Forms challenges feel free to email me at [email protected] to set up a time and place.

Wir sehen uns dort (see you there)!

 Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.35.47 PM

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Oracle Mobility Spotlight: Join Us At ODTUG Mobile Day!

qsdglxnwNow that the chaos of Oracle OpenWorld and the craziness of Kscope15 abstract submissions are behind us, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of where your Enterprise systems are headed. Mobile development plans are at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, and if it’s not on your agenda then it’s time to get to work!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.29.16 PM

Your employees are going mobile, is your business ready?

The statistics of mobile adoption are STAGGERING; Gartner says that 40% of the workforce will be mobile by 2016 with 2/3s using their own personal smartphone. Additionally, Oracle conducted a global study, “Oracle Mobile. Simply Connected” that unearthed some very interesting statistics about mobile in the work place; just because your company has not gone mobile doesn’t mean your employees aren’t using it. The study found that 67% of employees are using personal mobile devices for work purposes. You can read about the full study here. Is your enterprise ready for the technological challenges this revolution will pose to your business?

To stay at the cutting edge of the Oracle development innovations, ODTUG has decided to bring together the world’s leading Oracle ACE’s, ACE Directors and strategists for a full-day, FREE mobile event. The event is titled: “Going Mobile? Where is Oracle Taking You?” and will take place in Reston, VA on December 2, 2014. This event is the first of its kind for ODTUG, being a FREE one day event for members. If you are not an ODTUG member contact us at [email protected]to find out how to receive a FREE pass to this event. This is a formula we hope to replicate with other hot topic areas, such as cloud development, in the future. For those of you who may be worried that you don’t have a mobile strategy yet, don’t panic. I encourage anyone who is planing to introduce mobile systems within the next two years to come and learn how to start planning your next steps. And if that’s you, I suggest registering ASAP because registration is limited to 100 people and is filling up fast.

This event was designed to bring together ALL of the communities, ADF, APEX, BI, and Developers, together under one roof and really drill down into the new products and features that were announced at OOW. The conference will be a full-day packed with sessions dedicated to helping the developer community GO MOBILE. The goal is to help everyone understand the Oracle mobile landscape as a whole, instead of just focusing on individual technologies. We want to help you navigate the mobile jungle, including all of the new product releases (Oracle Mobile Cloud Services [MCS], Mobile Application Framework [MAF], Alta UI, Mobile Application Accelerator [MAX], APEX RESTful Services, BI Mobile App Designer, Oracle Mobile Suite, etc.).

ODTUG has pulled together an all-star lineup (including me for two sessions :) ) of the top experts in each community. Speakers include: Shay Shmeltzer, John King, Edward Roske, Scott Spendolini, Indus Khaitan, Kris Rice and Kevin McGinley. One of the most exciting parts of this event is that Suhas Uliyar, Oracle’s VP of Mobile Strategy and Product Management, is presenting the opening keynote. The day’s closing keynote is being presented by the Oracle A-Team and will feature an end-to-end demo that should be very exciting. And of course the real fun happens after the sessions at a happy hour and networking event :)

You can register for the Mobile Day here and do it soon because space is limited!

Stay tuned, ODTUG is hoping to do a mobile road show with events in Europe. The next event is planned to be hosted in Benelux in April 21, 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.35.47 PM


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Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Summary: Oracle Lifted Us Up To The Cloud !

The AuraPlayer Team at OOW

The AuraPlayer Team Selfie at OOW

Another Oracle OpenWorld is behind us (when did it become October?) and as usual, it was fun to catch up with the members of my Oracle developer community, my ODTUG buddies and fellow ACEs. Cloud was definitely the hot topic on everyone’s mind this year, especially because Oracle announced their upcoming Oracle Mobile Cloud Services and released their Oracle Developer Cloud Service to production a few weeks before the conference.

The most interesting topic for me was the upcoming Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. This solution includes everything a development team will need to build mobile backends from any datasource or enterprise system.  The Mobile Cloud Service can insulate Mobile Developers from complex infrastructure while allowing them to focus on creating killer apps. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides built-ins for push notifications, object storage, user management, analytics and an API designer and catalog. The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service was the topic of numerous sessions and hands-on labs and was  mentioned in some of the keynotes. We have been keeping a close eye on the Oracle Mobile Cloud product and we were honored to be able to demo an AuraPlayer connector to run Oracle Forms backends using the beta of the Oracle Mobile Cloud at the show. This cutting edge joint solution will allow Oracle Forms customers to get to mobile in record time and bring their back office systems to mobile. This solution is a perfect fit for AuraPlayer’s vision of having Oracle Forms as a back-end API for Mobile user interfaces. If anyone is interested in seeing the demo please let me know.

Full House for our Oracle Forms Sneak Peek Session -   Taking photos of Forms in the Mobile Cloud with AuraPlayer

Full House for our Oracle Forms Sneak Peek Session –   Taking photos of Forms in the Mobile Cloud with AuraPlayer

In the general session for Application Development Tools they announced my new friend MAX, the Mobile Application Accelerator, a new capability in Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. MAX is the answer to accelerating mobilization by giving business-side workers the chance to simply  create a mobile UI for any Cloud business processes at the touch of a few buttons. Ya! Finally wizard based development of mobile Forms for non-developers. I’m so excited because with this capability we will be able to go from Oracle Forms to a cool modern mobile UI with ZERO development! Oracle is planning to add this new cloud based development environment to both the Developer Cloud Service and the Mobile Cloud Service. MAX will allow professionals with little to no previous software development experience to have mobile app development capabilities. So it seems the future of Oracle development will be all cloud all the time.

Meeting Fellow Oracle Form Developer - Girl Power

Meeting Fellow Oracle Forms Developer – Girl Power

Speaking of the future, what about the future of Oracle Forms? The session I co-presented with Oracle Forms Product Manager, Michael Ferrante, “Oracle Forms Sneak Peek” talked specifically about that. The session was amazing to be a part of. We were shocked to see how many people still needed to hear us say that Oracle Forms is not dead. YES we promise it’s not dead! Michael was kind enough to share a roadmap of where Forms is headed and all the new features we can expect in the coming releases (YES new versions are on the way!). Cloud was a big topic here as well, because AuraPlayer made the dream of Forms on mobile and cloud a reality. We featured our Oracle Forms connector to the new Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, which is still in beta and had just been announced at a keynote. Seeing Forms running from the newest Oracle solution that has not even been released yet was a powerful message on how Oracle is planing to bring legacy customers forward with them into the cloud. This laid to rest any fears regarding the future of Oracle Forms and was very encouraging to Oracle Forms developers, some of who were rightfully surprised :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 3.40.30 PM

If you missed the session you can view our slides here.

Another cool thing released by Oracle was the Atla UI. These are a set of pre-built design patterns for building modern applications for multiple channels with a focus on user experience not only user interface. With mobile becoming everyone’s primary way of accessing information users are beginning to demand better user interfaces. In response to this, Oracle developed Alta UI to allow developers to create simple and modern UIs across web-based and mobile applications. Alta UI includes a new skin and samples to demonstrate how to make UIs like the ones Oracle has created for their own modern cloud based interfaces. You can see an example of the Oracle Atla UI style in this demo of Forms running on from an Oracle Mobile Framework with Alta UI Style:


The ODTUG Women Toast to Women in IT-  We only hope Next year we have a larger table !

Even with all this cool technology, I think the highlight for me had to be the ADF EMG / MAF / Oracle Forms developers meet-up on Tuesday night sponsored by ODTUG. Initially we were a little doubtful about the success of this event, because often meet-ups only have about 30-50 people, but this year it was packed! (Chevy’s even had to open an additional area for the spill-over). With over 100 developers networking and sharing margaritas and Sangria, needless to say a great time was had by all. There were attendees from all over the world and it was amazing to see many new faces to connect with our ODTUG communities.

As always OOW did not leave much time to enjoy the sites of San Francisco but the sight of so many Forms customers energized and excited by what is to come was good enough for me. We had a revolving door of customer demos in the Oracle Partner Pavilion and the Oracle Forms booth.

I’d like to give an especially huge THANKS to Michael Ferrante and the Oracle Forms team for all thier help and support and another huge THANKS to Deb Ayers and the whole Oracle Mobile Cloud team for taking time from their extremely busy development schedules to create a really cool Oracle Forms to Mobile cloud demo with us. And last but not least a big THANK YOU to the Oracle ACE program for hosting me. This was my first year attending OOW as an Oracle ACE Director and I was treated like royalty all the way.

We hope everyone enjoyed the conference as much as we did. Feel free to comment on what you enjoyed most at this years OOW and see you all at Kscope 15!!


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Top 10 Oracle Forms Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

With dozens of ADF/Forms/Mobile/Cloud sessions planned for Oracle OpenWorld 2014, choosing which to attend can easily become an overwhelming task. Since I can relate to the chaos that occurs leading up to OOW each year, I thought I would make your lives a little easier by sharing my top ten picks of sessions to attend this year. (And to be frank it took me almost 4 days).  Life requires too many decisions as it is, so let me lighten the load a little. Also, as I am a techie, I did not include any of the keynotes, but be sure to check them out because Oracle has lined up some great speakers for this year.

But of course, before we get to the work we should start with the play. Don’t get so wrapped up in the technology that you forget to join in some of the fun! I would love for all of you to come join us and the Oracle Forms community at the ADF EMG event that ODTUG is hosting to kick off OOW14. Join us at Chevy’s Fresh Mex for some networking fun, drinks and apps (both types :) ). You can register for the event here.

Now of course the best session to attend is Michael Ferrante’s “Oracle Forms Sneak Peek” that I am co-presenting. Get a first look at new features of Oracle Forms including cloud and mobile support. Space is limited, so register now! In addition to the main session, we will be conducting mini-sessions at the Oracle Forms demo ground booth (SLM-151 in Moscone South) to discuss all of your Oracle Forms challenges. Click here for more information. Even if other sessions can’t quite compare to ours, there are still some great ones to check out!

The Top 10 in no particular order are….

  1. Accelerate Enterprise Mobility with Oracle Mobile Cloud Services
    Session #: 7024 

    Deb Ayers, Oracle Product Strategy Director
    Munazza Bukhari, Oracle Director of Product Management

Learn how Oracle Mobile Cloud Service empowers developers with rapid delivery of enterprise-grade mobile applications and see a demo of the Oracle Mobile Cloud in action. I, for one, am intrigued!

  1. Customer Stories: From Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF and Oracle Mobile
    Session #: 9224

    Markus Lohn, Esentri AG Head of Technology Consulting
    Martin Disterheft, President of PITSS America LLC

This session will teach you some best practices for transitioning to newer technologies by taking an in-depth look at two projects: Forms to Mobile and Forms to ADF/SOA. Also Martin from PITSS might put a shout out to AuraPlayer in his session, so we are fans :)

  1. Enhance Your Mobile Experience with Oracle’s Mobile Apps and Oracle Mobile Platform 
    Session #: 7806

    Suhas Uliyar, Oracle VP Mobile Strategy & Product Management
    Rimi Bewtra, Oracle Senior Director
    Lyle Ekdahl, Oracle Senior VP General Manager JD Edwards

This session in Mobility is being delivered by the big guns themselves. The session will offer tips on how to leverage existing tools to extend your enterprise apps and how to harness your skills to build new mobile apps and it’s delivered by the head of mobile strategy no less!

  1.  Why Developers Need Mobile Back End as a Service (MBaaS)
    Session #: 7025

    Munazza Bukhari, Oracle Director, Product Management

What is MBaaS you ask? Go to this session to learn all about Mobile Back End as a Service (MBaaS). Without MBaaS developers must dedicate time to building  mobile infrastructure; MBaaS solves this problem by offering built-ins for push notifications, object storage, user management, and analytics, an API designer and an API catalog.

  1. Bulletproof the Oracle Mobile Platform with Integrated Security
    Session #: 6983

    Joe Huang, Oracle Sr Principal Product Manager, MAF, Oracle Mobile Platform
    Geoff Poremba, Oracle Director of Mobile Strategy

This is a new topic for me and one I must learn more about, so I’m especially looking forward to it. This session will cover how Oracle Mobile Suite and Oracle Mobile Security Suite can be integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Identity Management applications to protect your enterprise while undertaking mobile projects. While Mobile implementations tend to be a security weak spot, you can learn how to avoid common pitfalls and safeguard your investment.

  1. Gauging Oracle ADF Application Performance: Instrumenting Your Oracle ADF Code
    Session #: 4039

    John King, King Training Resources Partner

John King is a top notch speaker and all around guru. This session explores the different options for tunning your Oracle ADF application as well as how they can improve your application experience.

  1. Mobile Best Practices in Enterprise App Development 
    Session #: 7799

    Jordan Olin, Sunera Technologies Inc. Vice President MMP, Chief Solution Architect
    Greg Opie, ECS Team Director, Solutions Architecture
    Kyle Smith, Keste LLC Sr. Director
    Carlos Chang, Oracle Senior Principal Product Marketing Director — Fusion Middleware

This session should be interesting as you’ll get to hear tales from the trenches from 3 mobile project implementors. The session will begin with a short overview of Oracle’s mobile offering before Oracle partners each share their unique experiences in developing and deploying mobile apps for customers.

  1.  Real-Life Oracle Mobile Application Framework: Things you Don’t Learn from the Developer’s Guide
    Session #: 4161 

    Luc Bors, AMIS Holding B.V. Principal Consultant

When you are building your first app with Oracle MAF you will run into challenges you can’t solve simply by reading the developer’s guide (which Luc Bors wrote for MAF by the way :) ). This session will give you tips, tricks and practical solutions from real-life examples.

  1. Introduction to Oracle Mobile Application Framework
    Session #: 7166

    Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle Director of Product Management
    Simon Canil, Colab Director

Shay’s a master presenter and usually focuses on live demos with next to no slides. Come learn how to build mobile applications faster with Oracle MAF. This is a good intro for those of you beginners.


In this session you will learn how to go beyond the drag and drop and see how to think like a programmer to begin writing code in Oracle ADF. Grant Ronald wrote the book on on ADF, so you’re guaranteed a great presentation.

Bonus Sessions

There are so many great sessions happening this year at OpenWorld that I simply could not limit myself to only the top ten. As a special bonus I’ve decided to include two extra sessions.

  1. General Session: Next-Generation Application Development—The Mobile and Cloud Effect
    Session #: 7309

    Chris Tonas, Oracle Vice President, Mobile and App Dev Tools

Cloud and mobile are taking over the development world, which means some old problems are disappearing but new ones are popping up. General sessions are great because you hear from the executives who are actually shaping the vision for Oracle development going forward. See how these new environments impact the way you build enterprise applications and get a sneak peek into the tools, frameworks, and services Oracle is offering.

  1. Simplify Enterprise Mobile Connectivity by Using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
    Session #: 9908

    Deb Ayers, Oracle Product Strategy Director
    Diby Malakar, Oracle Director Product Management

Hands-on labs are a great way to learn about Oracle products and experience first hand what the presentations have been talking about. By the end of the lab you should have a full understanding of how Oracle Mobile Cloud Service can be used to insulate mobile developers from back-end infrastructures.

At OOW 2014 – Talk to the AuraPlayer experts about modernizing your Oracle Forms:

– Tips and tricks for upgrading to Forms 11g
– Plug your Forms into the Oracle Mobile Cloud
– Create web services automatically from Forms use cases

To discuss any of your Oracle Forms challenges at OOW14 email us at [email protected] to schedule a time or stop by the ADF EMG Meet-up on Tuesday night to talk with us and grab a beer.



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Oracle Forms Agenda for Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Somehow it is already almost time for Oracle OpenWorld; boy time flies when you’re talking about modernizing Oracle Forms to mobile and cloud :)

I hope by now you have all registered for my session with Michael Ferrante, “Oracle Forms Sneak Peak.” Our session offers a preview of what Oracle has planned for the future of Oracle Forms. Come and learn how these new features can improve your application and learn the benefits of upgrading and modernizing to Oracle Mobile Cloud Services. Attending gives you the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas directly with the Oracle Forms Product Manager. Register soon because seating is limited.

This year the Forms community is kicking off Oracle OpenWorld with a bang.  I would like to invite everyone to the Oracle Forms community Happy Hour meet-up sponsored by ODTUG. Stop by to see some friendly faces, enjoy on Mexican appetizer and free beer at Chevy’s Fresh Mex (201 3rd Street) on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. You can register for this event here.

A new mini event this year are the mini-sessions being presented at the Oracle Forms demo ground booth. Each day Oracle PMs and support consultants will be on hand to discuss all of your Oracle Forms challenges. Come for some one-on-one time and to learn tips and tricks from the “Oracle Forms Gods” themselves.  Click here for more information.

To find out more about this year’s Oracle OpenWorld and to register, click here.

I’m really looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new acquaintances this year. If you’re interested in meeting up with me at OpenWorld then give me a shout at [email protected]


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ADF 12c Courses Now Online 

Once again the ADF PMs have been hard at work to provide us all with great training content. This time in the form of a full online course.

Oracle University has begun the First Global Teach of the Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF course online.

This course covers all the useful features of ADF Business Components including  how to build and test reusable business services. After creating the application they drill down into developing the user interface using ADF Faces. The class also teaches how to build complex navigation between pages, define validation logic and secure applications. It even has a handson section with a chance to deploy your application to an Integrated Weblogic Server.

Date: September 8, 2014
Duration: 5 days
Hours: 7.00 AM – 3.00 PM PST
Location:  Online
Click here for more information and to register.

Thanks ADF Team


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Oracle Forms Migration Survey: Oracle Forms to APEX / Oracle Forms to .Net / Oracle Forms to ADF / Oracle Forms to Mobile ?

This year at the Kscope conference we started hearing more and more customers saying they were migrating away from Oracle Forms. Many had not started planning or even thought about what such a project entails but the declarations were loud and clear: “We are migrating our Forms system to ______<plug in development tool of choice… ADF…Java…HTML…Net>”.  It was as if they were following some trend of what they thought they were supposed to be saying but no one had thought about what it would really mean to migrate .

Despite the fact that Oracle keeps insisting Forms isn’t dead, people continue to think these risky and expensive migration projects are their only option for moving forward. For me, migration raises a lot of questions about the business value and commitment necessary to complete such a venture. Ever a consultant, I started thinking about how I can help the community truly understand the decision they have chosen to make. I asked myself, “how can we help Form users understand what goes into a migration project and the risk and rewards of such an endeavor?”

With these questions in mind, the Oracle Forms community blog decided to go directly to the people to get to the bottom of the Forms migration riddle. Only by asking you about your past experiences can we better understand who is migrating, to which technology, using what development resources and what budget. To find the answers we created the “Oracle Forms Migration Survey.” This short survey takes about five minutes to complete but will help us all understand the process of migration and the effort that goes into it. After the results are in we are going to create a cost-benefit analysis whitepaper so future Forms users who are thinking of migration can better understand if it’s worth it.

All responses will be confidential and kept anonymous. However, if you are willing to share details about your migration project please respond accordingly to the survey’s last question. We would love to hear more details directly from you.

Take the “Oracle Forms Migration Survey” here.




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