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ODTUG Kscope15 Review: It was the best of times, it was the best of times!

Last week AuraPlayer headed south to attend ODTUG’s annual KScope conference in Hollywood, Florida. It was very exciting to play many pivotal roles; serving as an ODTUG Board member, an Exhibitor, a 2 time speaker and an Oracle ACE Director. The event was definitely a highlight – I truly learned a lot and, of course, had a lot of fun.

With that being said, so much happened that it would be nearly impossible to provide an in-depth account of the entire conference. Instead, I’m going to focus on what I felt were KScope’s top events, including the top tech moment, the top fun moment, my top personal moment, and the top AuraPlayer moment of the conference. That way, you guys can hear about all of the highlights and I won’t be writing all week. :-)

Let’s get to it!

Top Tech MomentPhoto Jun 23, 08 32 03



Bright and early on Tuesday morning (despite the urge to take advantage of a golden opportunity to sleep in being without my 3 kids for the week) I attended the “Build Something! IoT = Internet + Oracle + Things” hands-on training session put on by C2 Consulting’s Anton Nielson, at 8:30 am.  Now that’s commitment to technology!

It proved to be well worth the wakeup, as it went on to win the conference’s award for Best Session. Anton was certainly very deserving of the honor; his premise was very cool. To put it simply, they had us hook up resistors, a thermostat and LEDsPhoto Jun 23, 09 25 46 on a wifi-enabled circuit board – then interact with it through a simple Oracle Application Express (APEX) application we built. The high and low temperature set points were controlled via the application, meaning, A hot temperature would trigger a red light, medium temperatures elicited a yellow light, and cool temperatures prompted a green light. In the APEX app, the



users could change the values for hot, medium and cold. It was especially interesting because we had to build the electronic circuit, which involved connecting the LEDs and the chip. It was fun to put together the electronic portion and actually build the device as well as connect it to the Apex and ORDS back end.

What was especially nice about the “concept to completion” was that Anton made it a family affair. His son was walking around helping people, while his daughter did the welding. Several people from the Apex PM team as well as his own consulting team were also on hand. I was really impressed by the company and the amount of effort they put into this hands on session. We’re actually going to meet up with them in Boston to do some cool Oracle Forms IoT using AuraPlayer so stay tuned ….. should be interesting.

Top AuraPlayer Moment

20150622_222608The best part of the conference for AuraPlayer as a company was the re-occurring theme of meeting with customers that we had spoken to in the past who were finally ready to begin their mobile journey. Many of them had been speaking to us for the past 2-3 Kscopes about the possibility of mobilizing and modernizing their forms systems, but just didn’t have the budget or weren’t prepared to take that initial step. It was great to see that this year, many were finally ready and energized to move for20150623_184304ward and modernize their user interfaces and mobilize their back office EBS applications. It seems the world of retail have finally grown tired of managing inventory using post-it notes. It was especially exciting for us to have our new Implementation manager, Andrew Keating, on board to take the lead on getting these customers on the right track for their modernization and mobilization projects. If you want to get basics on how you can use Oracle Mobile Framework to Modernize Oracle Forms you can check out the slides from my session “Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to Enhance Your Legacy Applications” here. I’ll never stop being surprised that I need to convince people that systems that are over a decade old need to be refreshed / modernized but if you need convincing you can checkout the slides!

 Top Personal Moment

The Oracle Forms Community Team

The Oracle Forms Community Team

My personal highlight of the conference was being awarded the Best Speaker for the ADF  Track. This was the first year that Kscope awarded best speaker by content type; typically, the best speakers come from EPM or APEX track, since most of the conference participants are in those sessions. However, since they divided it by track this year, I had a shot and to sneak in a win for Best Speaker for my presentation, “What’s in a Word: Mobile/Cloud Terminology For Dummies.” I’m happy to see that that session was liked by all the participants; especially since I showed up a few minutes late after being held up moderating my Lunch and Learn session with the ADF community. A big thank you to the community for voting for me for Best Speaker – Photo Jun 22, 17 46 35even-though time was against me. 😉 You can download the slides for my session “What’s in a Word: Mobile/Cloud Terminology For Dummies” here.

Most Fun

Photo Jun 24, 21 59 23 (1)The conference’s most fun moment was easily the Wednesday night WHITE party – wow, does ODTUG know how to throw an event! YCC and the conference committee – especially my girl Natalie – thought of EVERYTHING! I mean champagne was being poured from the ceiling literally!  I don’t think I had fun like that since my freshman year in college! It was nice to mix some pleasure in with the business; after such a grueling week full of so many community and technical events. Photo Jun 24, 21 08 04There was great music, games, fire throwers, and more – all of the ingredients to make for an incredible time! And what could be more fun than watching fellow board members Cameron, Monty and Dave ROCK IT OUT!

Photo Jun 24, 22 47 37 Photo Jun 24, 21 20 04Photo Jun 24, 22 34 11Photo Jun 24, 22 03 59


Photo Jun 24, 21 20 04








Photo Jun 21, 18 40 32Our Conference Techy MVP

Before I wrap this post up, I have to mention how great it was to have Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms Project Manager, on location with us and to be able to listen to his conversations with customers about their challenges and fears going forward. Michael as always our fearless leader (checkout the alligator wrestle <-) had his work cut out for him with disgruntled Forms users coming at him, most of which ended up leaving looking relieved and with a smile. It was particularly great hearing how he has been able to take Forms into the next generation with Forms 12c, and plans for versions beyond that. He certainly calmed many fears about the future of Forms,and it is great to see this type of leadership looking ahead with Oracle Forms. A big Thank you to Michael for his support of the Forms community – we really appreciate all that you’re doing!

Our Conference MVP

20150623_215304Photo Jun 18, 22 21 31My MVP overall had to be the amazing YCC staff (My Ladies, you know who you are !) and conference committee who thought of EVERYTHING to make my days in Hollywood the best they could be. From airport pickups to tuxedo wearing strawberries I was treated like royalty. Although being on the board of ODTUG is a labor … of love ….you guys make it so much fun. Especially the HUGE boxes of kosher food for lunches 😉

Between building my own electric circuit and reuniting with familiar faces, another great Kscope has come to an end, and I’m looking forward to next year. Although I’m told the hotel is already sold out! So I may be out in the cold unless you guy vote me back onto the board (Yes subtle hint)

The ADF / Mobile Community

Photo Jun 22, 12 50 05Regrading next year, we got some incredible feedback about the ADF track and what types of things developers are looking for. Currently, Oracle and the content committee was under the impression that people were interested in learning about all the future Cloud/mobile development stuff and therefore have been focusing their efforts and sessions on that. However, in our ADF ACE director panel, we heard from you – the real users – that you actually want more technical drill-down into ADF with use cases, input from experts about what they’re up to, and deep dive development based sessions, as opposed to Oracle vision or marketing based material. This was definitely some amazing feedback, and we will be taking it to heart as we plan next year’s conference and approach Oracle Open World.

If there’s anything else that you guys feel like you’d like to see in future conferences, or any suggestions regarding what we, the ODTUG Board or the KScope Conference committee, can do better, please let us know in the comments below. If not, we hope to see you all at Oracle Open World in a couple of months! And if you want to chat with anyone from the Oracle Forms community or the AuraPlayer team you can reach out at


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Our Top 10 ODTUG #Kscope15 Sessions for Mobile / ADF/ Cloud / Forms Developers

It’s that time of year again; Kscope time, and I’m sure you are as excited as we are. You are most likely spending every moment of your free time reading the never-ending list of sessions tryinaurakscopeg to decide which ones to attend. Although there are over 300 to choose from, it’s time to bite the bullet and make decisions, because schedules must be made. To help you on your way, Mia, AuraPlayer’s CEO, has compiled a list of her Must-See Sessions.

With this list by your side, you can spend more time mingling with other attendees and taking advantage of everything Kscope 2015 has to offer!
1. Before getting to Mia’s favorites, I will begin with the best. Though, I am bit biased.

a. Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to Enhance Your Legacy Applications, ADF and MAF Track
Monday: 9:45AM – 10:45AM

In this session, Mia will teach you how to utilize Oracle’s Mobile Framework to rejuvenate and modernize your Oracle Forms legacy or EBS applications. This includes a live demo, so be sure not to miss it!


b. What’s in a Word: Mobile/ Cloud Terminology For Dummies, ADF and MAF Track
​​Tuesday: 11:15AM – 12:15PM

Mia decided to do this session for all the people who are having trouble understanding the buzz word avalanche that is currently being thrown around by IT professionals. Attend this session and learn the lingo of the alphabet soup in the Mobile and Cloud realms. Hopefully, you’ll be ready to converse with the tech pros in no time!

After careful consideration, here are Mia’s Must-Attend Events:
Before choosing any individual sessions I want to remind everyone that they MUST attend the Sunday symposiums. This is a full day of Oracle PMs giving you sneak peaks into Oracle’s future vision for the tools of interest for your community. Not to be missed!

Now onto my list:
2. Choosing the Right Mobile Architecture, ADF and MAF Track
Wednesday : 8:30AM – 9:30 AM Lonneke Dikme, Proseed

As mobile slowly takes over our world we need to make sure that our backend systems and infrastructure will be able to handle it. I chose this session not only because Lonneke is a killer female techy, but also to get educated about the advantages of various Mobile Architectures, and to help you choose which Mobile Architecture would be most ideal for your business.

3. Oracle BI Mobile Strategy and Roadmap, Business Intelligence Symposium
Sunday: 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM Jacques Vigeant​​​​, Director of Product Management, Oracle Corporation

Matt Milella, Director of Development, Oracle Corporation

What could be better than learning about Oracle’s BI Mobile Strategy from two Oracle Directors? I’m interested to see where the BI tools are headed and what Oracle already has to offer in the BI mobile space.

4. Creating Hybrid Applications: With or Without APEX?, Application Express Track
Tuesday: 11:15AM-12:15PM Roel Hartman, Consulting

If you’re interested in anything APEX-related, then I highly suggest you check out a session by Roel. In this session, he will discuss Hybrid Applications that function with or without APEX. We at AuraPlayer know a lot about APEX hybrid systems after working with Roel to create an APEX demo to run Oracle Forms as a shared component of APEX using our solution. If you are curious and want to see more, check out our website and watch our demo!

5. What’s New and Coming in Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, Planning Track
Wednesday: 1:45PM – 2:45PM Shankar Viswanathan, Oracle Corporation

No list about Kscope would be complete without one EPM session- considering they make up over 50% attendees. This session shows that no Oracle community is safe from the mobile cloud revolution, so they better just embrace it!

6. Build a Mobile App in 60 Minutes with MAF, ADF and MAF Track
Monday: 2:00PM – 3:00PM John King,​King Training Resources

This session is perfect for beginners looking to learn the process of creating their own Mobile Application; we can’t think of a better way to spend 60 minutes! Besides the fact that John King consistently beats me out for best speaker in the ADF track 😉

7. Oracle Forms Lives On: What Will You Do Now? Database Development Track
Wednesday: 1:45PM-2:45PM Michael Ferrante,​Oracle Corporation

This session is a MUST for any company with any investment in Oracle Forms. Michael Ferrante, the fearless leader of the Forms world, will dive into what we can expect for Forms going forward. Attend to learn how to future-proof Oracle Forms to meet the challenges of a next generation enterprise. If you’d like to meet with Michael 1-on-1 to discuss your own personal Oracle Forms challenges, he is actually open to meeting with customers at booth 109. Register here to reserve a timeslot.

8. Mobile Cloud Service Overview for Mobile Developers, ADF and MAF Symposium
Sunday: 1:00PM – 2:00PM Lynn Munsinger, Oracle Corporation

If you haven’t noticed, Mobile and Cloud are two common themes of this year’s conference and in today’s technological culture. This session combines the two and will provide an overview of Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service. This is especially of interest to me, as I was part of the Oracle Mobile Cloud beta program back in October. I am so excited to see the progress that has been made. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play around and create my own AuraPlayer API to plug Oracle Forms into the mobile cloud. We even created a cool video demo of it, so if anyone is interested in seeing it with their own eyes, just let me know in the comments below!

9. APEX, Node.js, and HTML5: Magic!, Application Express Track
​Tuesday: 2:00PM- 3:00 PM Alan Arentsen, Ordina
This session sounds really exciting; it merges the worlds of rapid application development using APEX alongside the power of Node.js. It will be interesting to see how this works.

10. Real-Life Oracle MAF: The Things You Don’t Learn from Oracle’s Developer’s Guide, ADF and MAF Track
Tuesday: 11:15AM – 12:15PM Luc Bors, eProseed

This session is not for the faint of heart. Luc Bors, author of Oracle Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide, will discuss everything you need to know about Oracle MAF that is not included in the Oracle’s Developers Guide. You’ll leave this session with a more complete and comprehensive understanding of Oracle’s Mobile Framework. And I’m sure you’ll see some cool demos too.

In addition to the previously mentioned sessions, it is beneficial for everyone to attend at least one Hands- On Training session led by the A++ Oracle Team. Here you are guaranteed to not only learn WHAT Oracle is doing in the Cloud and Mobile space but also see HOW the Cloud/Mobile platforms operate.

a. Hands-On Training: Team Development and Collaboration in the Cloud
Monday: 9:45AM – 10:45AM   Bryan Fry, Oracle Corporation

b. Hands-On Training: Developing On-Device Mobile Apps with Oracle MAF
​Tuesday: 11:45AM – 12:45PM  Lynn Munsinger, Oracle Corporation

In addition to these awesome events, be sure to come visit me at booth #109, to have a drink, talk tech, and hear about bringing Oracle Forms to the Mobile / Cloud Platforms. And if these aren’t reason enough, we also have awesome give-aways!

Visit our Website  and the Kscope15 site  or email for more information.

See everyone in the Sunshine State!

Mia Urman
Mobile: (973)518-0271
Oracle Blog:
Twitter: @miaurman


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Oracle Forms at KScope 2015

Hi everyone! Mia has been hustling to prepare for her upcoming events and, as a result, struggling to keep the blog as updated as she would like. So, this is Jackie, Auraplayer’s Marketing Manager, serving as her stand-in blogger for the time being. Let’s hope I can do her justice :-)

It’s that time of year again; ODTUG’s 2015 KScope Conference is less than a month away. This year’s conference will be held from June 21-25 in Hollywood, Florida, at the Westin Diplomat Resort. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Click here, and come join us for some fun in the Sunshine State!

Before you pack your agenda with tons of content be sure you reserve a time to come by the Auraplayer booth and meet 1-on-1 with Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms Project Manager. He will be hosting office hours at select times on Monday and Tuesday to speak with customers and offer them exclusive attention on their Oracle Forms challenges. Space is limited, so don’t miss out. Book your time ASAP by clicking here! If you have any further questions or concerns about scheduling a meeting with Michael at KScope, contact us.

Now for the fun stuff: Kscope 2015 is anticipated to be of record-breaking capacity, offering hundreds of presentations for its attendees to choose from, with something for everyone from inexperienced beginners to the most adept Forms veterans.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be running around like crazy trying to squeeze in as many of these events as possible each day; we practically have to schedule time for Mia to breathe between all of her bouncing around. Whether it’s from the Oracle Ace Director’s Panel to the Women in Technology round table, or from a Lunch-and-Learn session to one of her own presentations, you’ll be able to find Mia in the epicenter of all the excitement. If you’d like to catch up with her between breaths, send us an e-mail at

Or, catch her at one of her sessions:

Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to Enhance Your Legacy Applications

Monday, June 22 – Session 2  @ 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

In this session we will show you step-by-step how to begin your mobile journey if you are a Forms user, including what factors to consider when going mobile, how to overcome mobile challenges and how to leverage existing investments in the mobile world.

What’s in a Word: Mobile/Cloud Terminology for Dummies

Tuesday, June 23 – Session 7 @ 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

MAF, Alta UI, MAX, PaaS, SaaS, MBaas oh my! Does it seem like the world of technology has been taken over by 4 letter words?  Come to this session if you want help navigating the mobile / cloud world and see how we can turn these words into a future vision for your enterprise applications.

If you’ve been a loyal follower of our blog, or caught up with us at KScope over the past years, you know that we like to have some fun at our booth; our one-of-a-kind Auraplayer shot glasses have become staples of our Kscope packing lists. It will definitely be hard to compete with all the good times we’ve had in the past, but we promise not to disappoint 😉

For more details and the official conference agenda, take a look at the Kscope website– and keep checking our blog for more on what to expect at this year’s conference!


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Finally Some Oracle Forms Answers! Open Q&A with Michael Ferrante Oracle Forms PM

  • When is Forms 12c coming out?
  • Is Forms dead?
  • Will Forms ever run without a Java applet?
  • Will we be able to run Forms on Chrome?
  • How can I deploy my form to mobile devices?

The list of pressing questions about Oracle Forms seems endless, but we will finally get you some answers!

ODTUG and the Oracle Forms community have coordinated a free Q&A webinar hosted by Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms project manager himself. He has dedicated an hour of his time to put our fears to rest about the future of Forms and all of our pressing modernization issues. Be sure to register early; since only the first 100 people will be able to ask questions. If you would like to pre-ask your questions feel free to list them here.

Don’t miss out, register for this one of a kind event here NOW!


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Unable to Run Oracle Forms on Chrome: getting error: This plug-in is not supported

Our phones here at AuraPlayer have been ringing off the hook by stressed customers worried what they will do with their Oracle Forms environments now that Chrome has announced it will no longer support Java Applets. You may have noticed, since the latest Chrome update, Java applets do not run by default in the Chrome browser.

This is caused by Chrome support of NPAPI plug-ins being disabled by default; a java applet is an example of these plug-ins.

In order to solve this issue, you must enable NPAPI support in Chrome by completing the following instructions:

Enabling NPAPI in Chrome Version 42 and later

As of Chrome Version 42, an additional configuration step is required to continue using NPAPI plugins.

  1. In your URL bar, enter:
  2. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.
  3. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page.

You can check out this link as a reference:

Or check out the Oracle Forms home page news section here to hear Oracle’s official position on the news.
To join our community and stay on top of all development in the Oracle Forms world, click here!

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Oracle Legacy to Mobile Winter Roadshow (If I’m not snowed in by then)!

I have to kick off this post with a huge apoIMG_4807logy to my dedicated readers for not posting recently. As I am sure you are all aware, the Northeast has been experiencing some crazy snow storms, and Boston has turned completely white. The almost constant snowfall has made my life incredibly hectic because school keeps getting canceled and chasing my 3 little ones (under the age of 6) it makes it hard to stay on top it. But the silver lining is that we have some amazing events on the horizon. So lets try and keep in better touch!


One of my sons helping dig out our car (yet again)!

This week I’m headed to Denver for the RMOUG 2015 Training Days at the Colorado Convention Center. This event is hailed as the largest and best grass-roots regional Oracle User group conference. This is largely due to the high caliber of the people who present. This year they have revamped the first day of the conference into a half-day of two hour “deep-dive” presentations. I will be presenting two different sessions: “The Next Two Years: What Should I do NOW with My Oracle Forms?” and “From Legacy to Mobile in 45 Minutes!“. Looking forward to my first RMOUG but not excited that its not in Florida :)

At the beginning of March I’ll be heading back to the Oracle Headquarters in Reston, VA for the Digital Solutions Forum: Public Sector FMW. This is an all day event that Oracle and 3Di  are co-hosting to dive into the digital world and hear how other public sector companies have joined the mobile revolution with their back office IMG_4808systems. They have invited me to speak since as we all know AuraPlayer plays a key role in this legacy to mobile revolution. For this event I will be presenting one session: “Legacy to Modern: Leveraging your Oracle Forms in the Digital Age”. This is a great event to help you start thinking about your mobile strategy. You can get more information here.

Finally, in mid-April, we will be kicking off the conference season with Collaborate 15 in Las Vegas! This great conference hosted by IOUG and OAUG provides a program complete with hundreds of presentations and panels packed with latest information and practical tips on Oracle applications and industry trends. This is the first year that we will be hosting a booth #1418, so definitely add us to your show agenda and stop by to learn about taking your Oracle Forms or EBS workflows to mobile. Also, I will again be presenting two sessions: “Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to Enhance Your Oracle Forms Systems” and “Oracle’s Strategy for Moving from Legacy to Enterprise Mobility“.


The snow just won’t stop!

All of this upcoming fun is a great distraction from the horrible winter we are having, and I can’t wait to get started this week in Colorado. If you are interested in meeting up at any of these events, please email me at


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Oracle Mobile Day: It’s a Mobile Revolution and ODTUG’s Leading the Charge


“The BIGGEST Fears of the Current Generation”

Dec. 2, 2014 marked the first ODTUG Oracle Mobile Day, hosted at Oracle Headquarters in Reston, VA. This is a format we hope to replicate in different cities across the US and in Europe in the future. We were really excited to have with us Suhas Uliyar, Oracle’s VP of Mobile Strategy and Product Management, and the visionary behind Oracle mobility. I had the honor of introducing him to the group for the opening keynote.

His keynote was very interesting as he spoke about the mobile disruption and how if everyone in the world was still trying to perfect the wheel, we wouldn’t have things like airplanes or soon to be rockets. His point with this was that a huge part of going mobile and getting connected is thinking out of the box. A great example Suhas gave was the London cab monopoly.


Suhas gives the example of the London cab monopoly being bypassed by Uber.

London cab began with a horse and buggy system and it advanced to fancier and fancier cars and they thought they were being innovative in their methodologies. Then, all of a sudden, out pops Uber, which turned the cab system on its head and revolutionized it by using a simple mobile application and the existing technologies of online payment and GPS. The whole business plan was so simple and yet they are setting up all over the world and putting cab companies out of business. Suhas was saying if you are thinking about mobile you can be innovative like this but if you aren’t thinking about mobile then someone else is about to move into your business.

After the opening keynote the event, we split into three tracks: mobile for developers (which featured both ADF and APEX sessions), the infrastructure and security track, and a BI track, talking about things like BI Designer and Hyperion and it was really interesting to have such a diverse group of users in one event. But that is really what ODTUG is all about: bringing together various development communities under one event. And if you don’t believe me, you should join us at Kscope15!

My first session on legacy to mobile innovation was a full house of people who haven’t begun their mobile journey (I know I was surprised too). Of the group only two people had some sort of mobile development in their organization and when I asked what technology they were developing in they both said, “Oh we don’t know, we have a company that does it.” It just goes to show that even the companies that are starting to go mobile feel very out of their league and they outsource the whole project. I discussed the challenges of going mobile and showed a cool demo of mobilizing and Oracle Forms system using Webservices with AuraPlayer. You can download the full presentation here and view the demo here.


Transform Your Business

Another happy and surprising development was the number of ADF developers I had in the room. There were not many Forms developers but over half of the participants in the room were doing development in ADF. I was happy to learn this because finally I’m seeing a trend where more and more people are beginning to develop in Java and it’s a very easy entry to go from developing in ADF to get to Oracle Mobile Framework – MAF. I felt like the group was very committed to going mobile and ripe with the necessary skills to do so easily.

There were several really interesting sessions throughout the day that I wish I could have partaken in more, but I guess one of the drawbacks to managing an event is that it’s difficult to squeeze everything in.

My final session presented some customer stories of different enterprises who have begun their mobile journey. The session highlighted two different types of  mobile journeys. The first was a hybrid example where the customer wanted to deploy their Oracle Forms based system to an Android app to run their surgery scheduling system to mobile devices. They needed a fast time to market and had a fixed budget for the project. They were not looking to rip and replace the existing system but to have the same system available from mobile devices. AuraPlayer helped them deploy their Oracle Forms as Webservices as the backend for a Mobile Framework front end. The full app took only 7 days to develop and goes to show that mobile projects don’t have to take months or be risky and costly endeavors. You can read the full customer story here.

IMG_4113The second customer story, presented by 3Di Systems highlighted  an end-to-end mobilization of the City of LA’s services. You can view the details here. These two customer experiences showed two different ways to go mobile and prove that you don’t have to revolutionize your whole system to get to mobile quickly and that you can start small and leverage existing investment with new user experiences and interfaces followed by a longer term strategy to conduct a full system revolution if desired. You can download the presentation here.

The closing session was given by Oracle’s best kept secret, the Oracle A-Team. These experts work on the front lines of Oracle development and had some interesting insights to share. It was very interesting to see them present a full end-to-end demo and was a great way to wrap up the day.
Finally, I’d like to say a huge thanks to ODTUG for sponsoring the event and all the hard work they did to make it happen. Another huge thank you to all of the speakers who came out in the rain to make this event such a success. I hope this is just the first of many ODTUG Mobile Days to come!

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The Future of Oracle Forms Straight From the Source’s Mouth

At Kscope14 ODTUG had a “Social Media Lounge” where they interviewed leaders and visionaries in various technology fields. They have just released a great one where John King, a renowned Oracle ACE Director for middleware and Oracle development tools,  interviewed Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms Product Manager. Of course the hot topic was the future of Forms. When asked about this Michael responded:

“I’m smiling because I hear that [Forms is dead] a lot as well. I don’t know where that rumor started from. Some time ago when we [Oracle] made the decision years ago to start developing with ADF, I think at that point ADF became so popular that Forms seemed to fade away, when really we were still hard at work at it [Forms]. We have a really big community and hopefully we get to continue for years to come. Right now we’ve got the current release, which is 11, release 2 and it’s supported through 2016. And we’re working on the next version, which hopefully will be out sometime in 2015.”

Michael explained that the next release will be supported for the following 5 years (like all Oracle products) with an option to extend for an additional 3 years. This means that Forms is pretty much set until 2023. Once again I will shout it, Forms is NOT dead.

This time its not me who’s saying it. Its a promise straight from the Oracle Forms PM himself. I hope this will finally prove to you all that Oracle has no plans to abandon their Forms legacy customers. They are continuing to work on new releases with new features to satisfy their customers.

When asked what customers can do to prepare for the latest version Michael mentioned that many customers are still running very old versions of Forms. In order to take advantage of the new version that will be released in 2015 these customers need to update to 11. If you make the move to version 11 today it will make updating to 12, when it is released, very easy.

Hearing all of this promising news directly from Michael should be music to any Oracle Forms user’s ears. You can watch the full video here.

If you need assistance in upgrading your Oracle Forms system or would like to discuss your personal Forms challenges email us at


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DOAG 2014 – Oracle Forms is alive and well in Germany

Last week I did a quick hop, skip, and a jump across the pond to Nuremberg, Germany for the DOAG usergroup conference. Although I was only there for a total of 54 hours, I’m so glad I made the effort to attend. I was especially honored to go to represent ODTUG as we further attempt to increase cooperation and connect with fellow user groups around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.34.34 PM

Michael Ferrante preparing for his session. I’m glad I made it just in time to attend!

My trip got off to a roaring start when I landed in Nuremberg at 9:30am on Tuesday, when the conference was already in full swing. I had to hustle over to the conference so I wouldn’t miss Michael Ferrante’s (Oracle Forms Product Manager) session, “Oracle Forms – Your Application Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Tired”. It was fun to be greeted by Michael’s friendly face; he is always my brother in arms at these conferences.

Full house at my DOAG session!             Standing room only.



My first session, “The Next 2 years: What should I do NOW with my Oracle Forms Systems?”  went great considering jet lag was looming it’s ugly head. We had quite a big audience and there were even people standing in the back row. The session was an overview of all you need to know to preserve your Oracle Forms investment in the short term to prepare for your long term strategy. You can download the session slides here.



After the session, I was busy all afternoon manning the ODTUG corner of the Usergroup booth, handing out some ODTUG swag and promoting our Mobile Day that’s happening just around the corner, on April 23, 2015 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You can get more information about this Mobile Day here.

Dinner with the DOAG group!

At the end of a chaotic but successful first day in Germany I finally got to relax and have a drink at dinner with the DOAG crew at the international speakers dinner. It was great to catch up with some old friends and the DOAG team really knows how to treat their guests like royalty.

Wednesday was once again packed with meetings including some interesting developments and partnerships. I had a great talk with Peter Raganitsch, a fellow Oracle ACE Director, CEO of FOEX and I am happy to announce that FOEX is going to work with AuraPlayer to do a webinar about Forms to APEX integration that will hopefully result in a great whitepaper about modernizing Forms with APEX integration. It will be an end-to-end demo featuring the sweet spot of each tool, beginning with using Oracle Forms to generate a word doc on the client side, and then using AuraPlayer to expose the system as a Webservice to be used as a REST service component to create a FOEX user interface. Stay tuned to find out when the webinar will be taking place. Another interesting meeting I attended was a round table with the heads of many European Oracle User Groups. I was so impressed with the passion, cooperation and creative ideas of this close knit bunch. I look forward to working together with them and the rest of the ODTUG board to bring even more value to the Oracle developer public in Europe.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.07.25 PM

The official DOAG selfie with Oracle Forms PM, Michael Ferrante.

My final day at DOAG started bright and early with prep for my second session, “Evolving from Legacy to Mobile and Beyond.” It was another great session where I discussed all the challenges, opportunities and considerations for going mobile. You can view the session slides here.


A special thanks to ODTUG and, especially to Ralf and Fried, for making my trip so enjoyable.

After my session was over I had to rush back to the airport to catch my flight home. The trip was a whirlwind of activity, as these big conferences always are, but it was also a lot of fun. I want to say a big dankeschon to the DOAG user group, and especially Fried and Ralf, for giving me such a spectacular welcome at their great event. Additionally I owe a huge thanks to ODTUG who sent me to Germany to represent them to our new European collaborators. I can’t wait for next year’s DOAG conference!



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UTOUG, An East Coast Girl Heads Out West to Spread the Forms Love

What a view!

I just returned from my first trip to Utah where I briefly (I was only there for 28 hours!) touched down in Salt Lake City to attend the UTOUG Fall Symposium.

Before I give you the run down, if you just want to cut to the chase, here are the session slides:

Evolving From Legacy to Mobile and Beyond

The Next Two Years: What Should I Do NOW with My Oracle Forms Systems?

While such a short trip meant the entire experience passed in a whirlwind, I got the royal treatment (thanks to the Oracle ACE program and the UTOUG leadership team) and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, especially the beautiful mountain views.

As soon as I landed I was greeted at the airport by friendly faces, Kellyn Pot’Vin and Tim Gorman, the Oracle DBA rockstars, and after a quick hug I rushed off to my hotel to get some sleep before the symposium in the morning.

After quick coffee I was off to present my first session, “Evolving From Legacy to Mobile and Beyond” where we discussed all of the challenges of going mobile and the considerations for how to design a mobile-first application. I went into so many challenges, opportunities and considerations, I hope I didn’t scare the crowd off :) You can view the session slides here.

Kellyn and I posed for a boot twin picture, but we got photobomed by Alex Gorbachev, CTO of the Pythian Group

As soon as I finished my first session I rushed off to my second one, “The Next Two Years: What Should I Do NOW with My Oracle Forms Systems?” With so many conflicting reports about the future of Forms, I wanted to set the record straight and offer a simple strategy for modernizing Forms systems for the future. And if you can believe it people STILL asked me if Oracle is discounting Forms! You can view the session slides here.

After a fast lunch I joined back up with Kellyn and we attended the Women in Tech Program. I always love events that highlight women in technology because there simply aren’t enough of us.

UTOUG just started their Women in Tech program last year, so this session was a chance to catch up and see what progress has been made. An achievement that UTOUG was able to accomplish was mentoring eight female undergraduate CS & IS majors to promote hiring women in the tech field. One of the key takeaways was that by the time students get to the college level it’s almost too late. One new idea was to start mentorships as early as middle school. I must admit this idea really inspired me and I have already talked to the PTA of my son’s school looking into this type of program in his school.

As one of the few female Oracle ACE Directors out there I’m always glad to hear that user groups are starting their own initiatives to bring more women into this field. Female power please!

After such a long day I was happy to unwind over a few drinks with some fellow ACEs and prominent members of the UTOUG community, including the President, Michelle Kolbe. UTOUG was kind enough to sponsor our dinner out at Red Rock and it even allowed me to stick to my vegan habits with a delicious polenta. A big shout out thank you to UTOUG for being so gracious and a special thanks to my tour guide and personal driver who gave me door-to-door service on my whirlwind tour, UTOUG board member Michael Heining.

Beautiful sunset on my way out of SLC

It was definitely one of the quickest trips I’ve ever taken, but I’m really glad I made the trek out west. It was great to catch up with the UTOUG community and to present for such great audiences. I’m definitely looking forward to the UTOUG Spring Training Days in 2015!


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