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Batch Script for FMB to XML and XML to FMB

Below you can download my script that can convert all the Forms modules in a specific directory to XML and vice a versa.
This is a neat trick to help you search and replace things in the forms. For example you can check properties of specific items, change field lengths and seacrh for links to external items in batch.
This has been a LIFESAVER for me in various projects. I have been able to use it to change font sizes and colours across hundreds of forms. I have even been able to put code in every form in my system in the when-new-form triggers.

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Demo script (Linux) – Compiling forms application

Hi Everyone
Thought you might like to have a usefull script to do a batch compile of all your forms to 11g on Linux.

setenv FORMS_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/forms;/apps/forms;/apps/lib;/apps/menu;/apps/pll;/apps/template
export FORMS_PATHrm /apps/pll/*.plx
rm /apps/pll/*.errcd /apps/pllfor file in *.pll do Module_type=LIBRARY Module=$ff userid=username/[email protected] upgrade=yes batch=yes window_state=minimize compile_all=yes



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Who you calling legacy?

It seems Grant was right on the money when he announced during Oracle World 2011 this month in San Fransisco that a new and improve Forms 11g would be out shortly.

Oracle Forms and Report 11g R2 is now available!

It can be downloaded here:

Not only does it have a lot of bug fixes but it comes with cool new features

  • Java script support
  • AQ integration
  • and my personal favorite: The Forms menu bar and window decoration can be turned off. This allows Forms to be more seamlessly integrated into other technology pages.

You can see the full list here:


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Welcome to Oracle Forms Information Blog

For years now I have been providing support to Oracle Forms customers. Any tip, “How to document”, bug solution, user guide etc. that I gathered over my 12 years I sent to my email.

Recently when visiting Yad Sarah to help them upgrade to 10g forms they suggested I allow access to my mail to all upgrade clients since all solutions are there. That was the inspiration for this blog.

Here we will post tips, tricks, solutions and other wisdom to Oracle Forms users. People can post questions and get answers online and we hope to develop a knowledge base and Oracle Forms community.

Welcome to Oracle Forms Information Blog!



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