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Oracle Developer Day Israel 2012 – Presentations

Yesterday was Israel’s Oracle Forms Developer day sponsored by ilOUG and Oracle Support. I think Oracle could not believe their eyes when over 160 people crowded into the room. The re-occurring image was the wait staff adding more tables and chairs.
The sessions were really in depth and the crowd was truly riveted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a conference where so many people sat quietly (no texting even) from 8 am – 5 pm. The room was at full attention to see Grant work his magic.

I will be posting my full write up soon but for now I wanted to at least post the presentations.

Oracle Forms Future Strategy and Roadmap – Grant Ronald

ADF Developer Bootcamp including ADF for Forms Users – Grant Ronald

Best Practices for Upgrading and Migrating Your Forms Application – Mia Urman

Reach for the Cloud: SOA and Cloud Computing for Forms Developers – Mia Urman

Isracard Customer Story – Ofer Krichman CTO and Infrastructure Manager Isracard

Live Demo – Malam-Payroll – Forms to SOA and Mobile

I want to thank Oracle for their commitment to their legacy customers.


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Oracle Forms Developer Poll 2012

In gearing up for the Oracle Developer Conference on Jan 24 , I wanted to do a quick poll to see what version Oracle Forms Developers are currently using and if they are more interested in upgrading or migrating.

This poll also follows my  fellow forms consultants in Europe who conducted similar polls this year. The tradition it seems was started by  in his talk2Gerd blog where he conducted a Oracle Forms users poll in Germany.  Since then others have followed and I thought I’d join in too.

The results were surprising and comforting to Forms developers who think they are the only ones who have yet to migrate.  Nearly 40% of all respondents were working with the good old Forms 6i Client/Server! Meaning nearly half the 1000 respondents were not even running forms in a browser!   Most sites said they will upgrade their Forms environment in the (near) future, however over 60% are not even considering to replacing Forms with newer technologies. (more…)


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Understanding Oracle Forms timeout parameters (or should I say FORMS_TIMEOUT) FRM-92102 – A network error has occured

Alternate title: Why does my Oracle Form keep randomly disconnecting

Today I was at a client who was having trouble since there forms where disconnecting randomly after 15 minutes. They had tried to play around with the TIMEOUT  settings but they got bogged down in too many documents that pointed to more documents. I decided to post a quick guide to Oracle Forms timeout parameters. To help the community configure Forms sessions to time out after a specified period of user inactivity. Here I discuss the specific timeout parameters of Oracle Forms. For general web server timeout parameters you should look at note  294749.1  on Oracle Support – Troubleshooting WebForms Tuning / Performance /Time out Problems

Basically Oracle Forms 10g relies on 3 settings to control inactivity timeout.

1) FORMS_TIMEOUT environment variable: (more…)


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Quick Tip: FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build on Linux Redhat 5

Oracle Forms 11g R2 Linux Install

This week I had another Linux install of Oracle Forms and Reports 11g R2 on Weblogic. As with every Linux installation, after installing what felt like a million packages that were needed for Red Hat 5 Oracle Enterprise Linux the installation was smooth.

Quick Tip to Oracle: Make a linux patchset for every product that includes all the relevant rpm – packages for the product installation. That would have saved me about 2 days of work.

Anyways once forms was installed I just needed to compile my fmbs using on the Linux machine and I ran into this error message. FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build.

My compile command was: Module_type=form Module=//log_viewer.fmb userid=/@orcl upgrade=yes batch=yes window_state=minimize compile_all=yes

Which resulted in the error FRM-91500 (more…)


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Oracle Forms Modernization – The Future of Oracle Forms is …. Forms !

This was a great week!

For the past 5 years, almost on a daily basis, I have had to explain to my Oracle Forms customers that Oracle Forms is not really dead just “Mature” and Oracle intends to keep it around for a long time. All the while quietly praying that Oracle doesn’t make a liar out of me in 2 years. Although the official message from Oracle was forms is not dead the word on the street seemed to be that Oracle Forms Modernization was a code word for migration to java. Even as new versions of Forms were released I heard more about the options for migrating Oracle Forms to APEX, ADF or Java.
Although the future of Oracle Forms seemed uncertain at best, for years I have been helping my clients secure their huge investments in Oracle Forms by stretching their legacy forms applications to the limit. (more…)


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Oracle RUEI for Oracle Forms 11g R2 : The good, the not so bad, and less ugly than before

I was VERY happy to get feedback from Jurgen de Leijer product management director, responsible for Oracle Real User experience Insight (RUEI) on my post  “Oracle Forms 11g R 2 RUEI – Real User Experience Insight – The Good The Bad and The Ugly”. He was (not surprisingly) less than happy about my bad and ugly sections and gave some great feedback and information on RUEI. It was so great in fact that I decided to write this follow up, mini retraction and request for further clarification.

Jurgen starts by saying that

“RUEI is not a part of Oracle Forms 11R2 but part of the Application Performance Management features of Enterprise Manager.(more…)


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Movin’ on up at Oracle World 2011

Check whose in the society pages of Israels People and computer magazine!

Thanks Peli. I wonder if Moshe Horev even remembers me from when I worked at Oracle Israel 6 years ago..
See a picture of me with Moshe at the bottom of the page :)

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Fixing running Oracle Reports from a menu item in Forms during upgrade

You may find that when you upgrade your forms application from client server. The reports you have that are run from the menu bar have stopped working. This is due to the change from using RUN_PRODUCT to using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT() built-in.

In order to use the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT() built-in you need to have a report object in the form from which you want to call the report. If you need to add a report object across the board you can checkout some past posts for how to do form manipulations in patch either using JDAPI or Form to XML functionality. Full details of the solution is found in the below document.



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כנס טכנולוגי חינם ייחודי למפתחי אורקל – ינואר 24 – Oracle & ilOUG

 יום שלישי, 24 בינואר , 2012
מלון הרודס תל אביב

ארגון משתמשי אורקל בישראל ואורקל ישראל שמחים להזמין אתכם לכנס ייחודי למפתחים שיעסוק בנושא Forms 11g ו- ADF. כנס יומי זה מיועד למפתחי Forms אשר מעוניינים ללמוד על השדרוג של ה- Forms לגרסת 11g וכן על תהליך המיגרציה והמעבר של ה-Forms לסביבת SOA ו- Cloud.

אורח הכבוד של הכנס, מר Grant Ronald, מנהל מוצר Oracle Forms & JDeveloper מ- Oracle EMEA, יספר על מפת הדרכים והאסטרטגיה של אורקל למוצר ה- Forms וכן יעביר 2 הרצאות מעמיקות בנושא פיתוח בסביבת ADF במיוחד עבור מפתחי Forms.

כניסה חינם בכפוף להרשמה – הרשמו עכשיו


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More code snippets: JDAPI: change Font for all Items, Prompts, Boilerplates, Frames

Its me again with more code samples to help batch upgrade for your application.

If my previous posts of how to convert the system to XML pages to then do manipulations in notepad was not for you. This is a different route to solve the same problems. Here is sample code of a java api that can manipulate forms in batch and change the font for all items.
NOTE:219168.1 – How To Change Fonts For All Items in a Form Module using JDAPI
Metalink is full of these little gems if you know where to look.
Don’t forget to follow us here and via Twitter (right here – top right)
We’ve got many more code snippets & tricks coming up!

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