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Oracle Application Development Tools: Statement of Direction: Verdict: Alive, On Life Support, Six Feet Under

Hey everyone, so the Oracle Statement of Direction 2012 for application development tools is out. Basically its the one time a year when I hold my breath to see what they will say about Forms.  And the verdict is drum roll please ……  LIFE  for forms. The other tools did not fair so well.

But the basic rundown is …

Oracle Forms – ALIVE AND WELL (for now :)

Oracle has no plan to discontinue support of Oracle Forms. Furthermore, a new version of  Forms, Oracle Forms 12c, is planned for delivery as a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.

Oracle Reports – ON LIFE SUPPORT

The last major changes to Oracle Reports were in the 10g release. We are planning to release Oracle Reports 12c as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c. However, Oracle’s strategic reporting solution is now BI Publisher. While Oracle’s support of Oracle Reports will extend well into the future, customers should begin planning their migration to BI Publisher.

Oracle Designer – SIX FEET UNDER (more…)


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HELP: What do I do with my Oracle Forms Applications Today? Modernize, Migrate or Go Mobile?

As most of you know by now, since October Grant Ronald (Oracle Forms and JDeveloper Senior Principal Product Manager) and I have been campaigning to bring Forms customers out of hiding and to try and help them modernize their systems.

I personally made it my mission to make sure Oracle Forms developers will no longer be the forgotten people.

We already had two VERY successful Forms modernization days in Israel and UK with hopefully Germany, Netherlands, Montreal and NY to follow this year. I am also hoping to see Forms sessions in Oracle World and ODTUG Kscope conference (I’ll try my best but I can’t promise :)).

I’d like to welcome our friends at ODTUG to the campaign. They are sponsoring a webinar to address all the questions that Forms developers have been asking on blogs and in our linkedin group discussions.

On March 29 our webinar has one goal in mind -> To give ALL  Oracle Forms developers the essential information they need to make  informed decisions on what to do with their Forms investment. Checkout Grants blog for more information.

Grant and I will tell it LIKE IT IS, with real world examples, practical tips and a killer forms to mobile demo.
Don’t miss out on the FREE webinar, register NOW!

I’d love to hear from you – what would you like to learn about during the webinar? I’m open to questions, suggestions and feedback.
Get your questions in early and Grant and I will try to address them in the webinar!

Well the webinar was a great success!

Thanks Grant and Lauren and all the ODTUG gang for inviting me to do it.

You can download the slides here: Help What do I do with my forms system today?

You can also get a recording of the Webinar if you are a ODTUG member here if you have any trouble send me an email to info @


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Tips and Tricks: The Dummies Guide to Installing Oracle Forms 11g R2 on 64 Bit

As promised my Master note of installing Oracle Forms 11g R2 on 64 Bit Windows is available for download.

Whitepaper quick tips for installing 11g Forms – Forms 11g R2 Install Guide 64 bit Windows

I decided I must write this since when I installed Oracle Forms 11g R2 I ran into some annoying little glitches where if someone had let me know a few simple prerequisites it would have saved me hours of time. Well that when I decided to write them down to build you a full installation document. Thanks to my customer Mastercard Israel for being my test bunny. Here are the highlights to watch out for. Tip and tricks guide to a smooth installation of Forms 11g R2 on 64 bit Windows.

1) Download all the technologies you will need – Refer to my post the Oracle Forms shopping list
2) Before you begin make sure you install the JDK 1.6 for 64 bit – Yes I said JDK not JRE.
You should have downloaded it in step 1 above.
If you install JRE instead of JDK by mistake you will have trouble during the installation when it tries to find your java home.

Once the JDK is installed add the path where you installed it to the PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables of you system. In any case I suggest that in the cmd window before you run the weblogic install jar you run the command. For example:
set JAVA_HOME=D:OracleJava (more…)


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Quick Tips for Installing Forms 11g R2 – Shopping List of Technologies You Will Need

Sometimes wanting to install an Oracle Forms version seems like it should be a simple enough procedure.
1) Download the technology
2) Install it
3) Some basic configuration to personalize it to your system and Voila!

But with the newest version of Oracle Forms 11g R2 just to download the software it feels like you need a guidebook. The version of each component are VERY specific. AND … Do not try to be smart and choose the latest versions of the products! All versions must be the same one listed here below TRUST ME

For the Forms 11g R2 installation on 64 bit Windows 2008 R2 you will need:

1) Jdk 1.6 (should also come with Jre )
Windows x64 69.58 MB jdk-6u30-windows-x64.exe (more…)


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Presentations from UKOUG Development SIG Meeting – Forms in the 21st Century

Well yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at the UKOUG Development SIG Meeting – Forms in the 21st Century.

I was very excited to see that over 50 developers traveled all the way to Soulihul (quite a town  :) – 2 hours outside of London) to get a drill down of how to modernize or migrate their Oracle Forms systems. I was of course especially excited that I FINALLY got a new computer that could actually run all my incredible demos as well as presentations at the same time without crashing :)


I got up to the stage to connect my laptop to the projector and realized that my great new computer actually does not have a connector to attach to the projector.

Thankfully Grant and YouTube were there to save the day. Grant let me use his computer and I was able to show the OraPlayer demos over YouTube. Not as cool as the ones I prepared but they got the job done.

I want to invite anyone who feels they missed out on the live demo to get in touch with me [email protected] and I will be happy to do a web demo of the solutions for you!

I give you all a full rundown of the conference in a post soon so stay tuned but for now here are my presentations.



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Oracle Forms – The application’s digital signature has an error – Your forms application is Frozen

The applications digital signature has an error

Alternate Titles:

Oracle Forms gets stuck with java certificate warning popup window


Forms hangs with java digital signature certificate error

Well we have reached the weekend and time for my annoying bug of the week. I’m sure most forms consultants out there have already run into this one by now.  There have been many solutions floating around (copying dll, installing patches, upgrading the jdk) But I thought I’d write a post with a pretty simple solution and with all possible keywords that people will use to search the error since my customers had trouble finding the solution on google. (more…)


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And the beat goes on : Forms Modernization and Forms to SOA Resources

This week I have a lot of great resources to share with you. Recently the noise we have been making in the forms world led to some interesting materials being developed from forms gurus.

Firstly the presentations of Grant Ronald from the Oracle Developer Day are now live!
Oracle Forms Future Strategy and Roadmap – Grant Ronald
ADF Developer Bootcamp including ADF for Forms Users – Grant Ronald

Next Lucas Jellma our development hero posted an article about his presentation “The Future of Forms is …… FORMS” for the ODTUG Technical Journal 2012 Q1.
You can check it out here!

The only oversight in this otherwise brilliant account of forms modernization is the
omission of our forms integration solution :)

OraPlayer allows companies to unlock the business logic trapped within their Forms systems and fast-track to a mobile enabled environment / SOA architecture .  It works in four simple steps to ensure seamless integration without migration:
Step 1: Record a Business Scenario in Oracle Forms via the User-Friendly Recording Toolbar (sort of like a macro)
Step 2:
Edit the Scenario and define Input/Output Parameters to be made available in the webservice
Step 3:
Save and Publish the Scenario to the Secure OraPlayer service directory
Step 4:
Replay the Scenarios via any program, such as Mobile phone, ADF applications, J2EE / Java , .Net or Web-Service

You can checkout more in our whitepaper here: OraSOA White Paper
Let me know what you think the future holds for us Forms loyalists!!

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Talkin’ bout a revolution ! – Oracle Forms Modernization

Well its been about a week now since we held the Oracle Forms Modernization Developer Day here in Israel. And what what a week its been.

After shocking Oracle and ourselves with the nearly 200 people that attended the our event, it seems that we made it hip again to be a forms developer.  Oracle Forms developers started coming out of hiding worldwide and demanding to be accounted for.

I have had people contact me from UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Canada and even Sri Lanaka looking to get into the action to try and arrange a similar developer day in their cities. I hope to try and keep up this momentum with the help of Grant Ronald, Senior Group Product Manager at Oracle for Forms and ADF.  We encourage development communities to  arrange forums for developers who want to hear about the future of Oracle Forms and using forms with in a Mobile Environment / SOA architecture. Any city that gets sizable interest we will be happy to come and show how we can take Oracle Forms into the next century!

One city has already taken us up on our offer!   In the UK on Feb. 28 2012, the UKOUG Development SIG are running a full day dedicated to understanding the options for modernizing Oracle Forms. This SIG will cover Oracle’s strategy and roadmap, migration to ADF or Apex, as well as modernization option such as  integrating forms with java, adf and SOA environments. We will even see a live demo of running Oracle Forms business logic from a mobile phone!

Sneak peek here:

Places are limited so reserve now!

Hope to see you there & I also hope I do not freeze to death  :)


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Quick Tip: Adding an Exit All Button to Your Forms Menu / Toolbar

Alternative title: Eject me from the forms system fast! Close all forms without all those pesky validations.

This week a need arose at a customer site to exit all open forms (with one button click ) and return to the first form with the main menu.

This need may also arise when the user creates a large workflow of different forms calling each other but then wants to close all called forms with one button.

The steps are quite simple:

1) You begin by putting the following code in the WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger of all the forms in the application


This will create a new global variable called “closing” in your forms system. (more…)


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Oracle Forms is Alive and Kicking! Oracle Forms Modernization Day

This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of running the Oracle Forms user group conference. It all started when Grant Ronald (Oracle Forms and JDeveloper product manager) and I got to talking at Open World 2011. We were saying how Oracle Forms developers are a huge community but  the forgotten people. Every Oracle conference of recent years has been filled with sessions on ADF, SOA, APEX, BPEL and all other 3 letter curse words (OOPS  I mean buzz words). But for the past few years Forms has dropped off the “session titles” map.

Well we decided then and there to make a conference specifically geared to the Oracle Forms developers community. With the help of Eyal Shani, CTO of Oracle Israel and Ami Aharonovitch, head of the Israel Oracle User Group (our heroes), we set out to prove that the Forms development community is a force to be reckoned with.

And rest assured, there were plenty of nay sayers:  “No one still develops in forms”,  “You won’t get more than 50 people” – Sound familiar? Well, this Tuesday, I got to say those three precious words: “TOLD YOU SO! ” With nearly 200  developers who attended, the event was a rousing success. (more…)


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