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Hi All,

Welcome! Click here for our new Oracle ADF Mobile blog!

Up until now this blog has been focusing mainly on modernization of Oracle Forms, including creating WebServices from Forms processes, phased migration to ADF as well as other Oracle Forms related topics such as monitoring, testing, automation and events. We saw demand for Oracle Forms on the Mobile as well, but it was mainly to run Oracle Forms from HTML pages.

Since Oracle released ADF Mobile last October, we started developing Mobile Apps, from Oracle Forms business logic and our journey down the ADF Mobile road begun … As such we decided to open a separate section on our Oracle Development blog for ADF Mobile.

During our journey we have encountered a few bumps on the road, ( some looked a lot like craters at times ) and We wanted to share our challenges and triumphs with this community and hopefully save you time, sweat and tears :-)

We would love to share our experience with you, and would greatly appreciate if you share your knowledge and comments as well.

Mia & Yossi

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