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Mia Urman

For years now I have been providing support to Oracle tools customers. Any tip, “How to document”, bug solution, user guide etc. that I gathered over my 12 years I sent to my email.

Recently when visiting Yad Sarah org. to help them upgrade to 10g forms they suggested I allow access to my mail to all upgrade clients since all solutions are there. That was the inspiration for this blog.

Here we will post tips, tricks, solutions and other wisdom to Oracle Forms users. People can post questions and get answers online and we hope to develop a knowledge base and Oracle Forms community.

Welcome to Oracle Forms Info Blog! I’m glad you’re here :)


I have been developing and coding in Java for years. I was focused mainly on the R&D side of things when then I met Mia. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Oracle and I was hooked. Now although only in the Oracle World for the past 3 years I have been emmersed into the world of Oracle SOA, Weblogic, ADF and the java side of things. Mia calls me her right hand “Java” man.

I hope in this Blog to show the java side of things for Forms users to be there guide into the new emerging technologies all the while making it easy enough for them to adopt.



Mia Urman is a world-class expert in Oracle Forms, with over 13 years experience presenting, supporting, training and consulting about Oracle products. In her 7 years at Oracle Israel, Ms. Urman was both a senior support analyst as well as the lead trainer and local product manager for Oracle on the topics of Oracle Forms and ADF. She is the founder of Qesem Consulting, a boutique consulting firm with an elite list of enterprise clients including: Mastercard, the Bank of Israel, the Ministry of Agriculture, IBM, the Israeli Ports Authority, Discount Bank, Nice and Motorola.


Yossi Nakash, is the co-founder of  OraPlayer – the Oracle Forms solution provider, Yossi held the role of an R&D team leader at RadView for 7 years as well as java developer at Motorola. For the last 7 years Yossi has been software consultant.

Please note : The material provided on this blog does not come from Oracle and is not supported by Oracle

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