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Oracle Forms 12c: Run Oracle Forms WITHOUT a Browser! New Runtime Options for More Flexibility Without a Browser

We are excited to post the first in our Oracle Forms 12c guest series and introduce our first contributor and a loyal member of the Oracle Forms Community, Holger Lehmann.  If you’re a Forms guru and want to contribute click here  for more information

We also have an awesome upcoming Oracle Forms 12c webinar with Michael :WEBINAR: ORACLE FORMS 12C: NEW FEATURES UNVEILED AND EXPLAINED – Register here!

Oracle Forms 12: New Runtime Options for More Flexibility Without a Browser  BY Holger Lehmann, Opitz Consulting

Today I would like to highlight 2 new runtime options to start your application. Oracle definitely looked ahead towards the future with new operating system issues e.g. new browsers and their new behavior in Windows 10.
1. The default case (as a browser plugin)
The normal way Oracle provides to start the Forms application out of the browser. Here, the client browser must support the Java Plugin
sample URL:

2. With Java Web Start
In the new version of Forms 12c Java Web is officially certified as a method for running your application. Java has to be installed on the client as well.
sample URL:http://w7x6412c-rdbms:9001/forms/frmservlet?config=webstart&form=lab_540&userid=user/passwort@db


Here, certain restrictions are valid:
– No support Java Script, since not running in the browser
– no SSO, no SSO Logout

3. As a standalone client (Oracle Forms Standalone Application Launcher – FSAL) quote from the HTML page


The Oracle Forms Stand-alone Application Launcher (FSAL) offers an alternative way for end-users to run Oracle Forms applications. FSAL offers a browser-less, more client/server-like interface. As a result of not using a browser, FSAL does not use the Java Plugin component of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Developer Kit (JDK). All that is required to run FSAL on the end-user machine is a Java installation. This can be either the JDK or the JRE. To determine which Java versions are supported, please contact your administrator.”

Starting from the fsal.htm you can load the associated frmsal.jar to the client.

So quite simply, this method even works without a browser! But again with JDK or JRE on the client machine.

Sample Call in a command box: java -jar C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\forms\java\frmsal.jar -url “http://w7x6412c-rdbms:9001/forms/frmservlet?config=daylightstandaloneapp&form=lab_540&userid=



We see that the classic way to start a Forms module still works. But with the discontinuation of java plug-in support in recent bowsers Oracle was forced to react and to break new ground. Keep it up!

In addition if you want to run Forms without an applet at all from HTML or mobile apps you can checkout AuraPlayer for more details.


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Calling all Forms Gurus…Oracle Forms 12c New Features Whitepaper needs you!

we-need-you-billboardIf you haven’t already heard (which we find very unlikely) Oracle Forms 12c came out in October. Download it here if you haven’t done so already.

We at the Oracle Forms Community blog, wanted to create an online Oracle Forms 12c White Paper / feature guide – For the users by the users.  This is your chance to showcase your Forms knowledge to the community and help out others as well.  It should help us build a library of content for Forms users since we all know we can use all the help we can get!

Here how to contribute and be featured in the Oracle Forms Community’s 12c White Paper:

  1. Choose your favorite Oracle Forms 12c tips and tricks, or new feature, and write how best to use it including step-by-step directions and screenshots if possible.
  1. Send your submissions and questions to us here or include it in the comments below.
  1. Wait for your work to be published in our White Paper!

Looking to learn more about Forms 12c?

Be sure to attend our free webinar, Oracle Forms 12c: New Features Unveiled and Exposed, hosted by Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms Project Manager.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!



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Oracle Forms is heading to the clouds and to UK!

As I have been preaching from my soapbox for years now, Oracle Forms will remain a constant, supported development tool to build on premise, enterprise level, data entry desktop applications. However this time, Oracle has joined me by declaring their commitment to Oracle Forms, as Oracle Forms 12c was released on the heels of OOW. Oracle Forms 12c can be downloaded here. Our customers and team have been anticipating Oracle Forms 12c, and it is great to finally have it available.

It’s a new dawn …It’s a new day….It’s a new life and we’re feeling good !

The excitement surrounding this will be especially evident at this year’s UKOUG conference Dec. 7 – 9 in Birmingham UK.

Besides all the great Oracle Forms content, Oracle will be introducing 2 cloud based development tools especially for business users. Oracle MAX and Oracle Application Builder. These tools will be optimal for Forms users because they DO NOT REQUIRE CODING. This will revolutionize the way Oracle Forms developers navigate the mobile world. So we hope to meet some of you in raining UK where Oracle Forms and mobility will finally be getting the attention they deserves  at UKOUG15.

As is our tradition, in honor of Oracle Forms 12c, here is a list of 12 must see sessions for our Forms users:

  1. Oracle Forms 12c – The Beginning of a New Day

Tuesday December 8, 2015 | 2:10pm – 3:00pm | Hall 10A

Michael Ferrante, Oracle

Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

We are super excited for this session. Michael, the Oracle Forms Product Manager, will exhibit the latest and greatest features of Oracle Forms 12c and discuss how Oracle Forms fits in with the Oracle Cloud. In addition our CEO and Oracle ACE Director, Mia, will demo Oracle Forms running on a tablet and the utilization handwriting and voice recognition within Oracle Forms.

  1. The When, Why & How of Oracle E-Business Suite Mobility

Tuesday December 8, 2015 | 3:20pm-4:10pm| Hall 8B

Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

Your employees are no longer confined to working in their office space, so why should their Oracle EBS system be stuck in the back office?  Mia will discuss the challenges presented and how to bring mobility and agility to your legacy EBS and Oracle Forms based systems. This session will contain demos using Oracle Mobile Application Framework and Oracle Mobile Cloud.

  1. Customer Story: Oracle Forms to Oracle Mobility in Action

Wednesday December 9, 2015 | 10:00am – 10:50am |Media Suite B

Steven Davelaar, Oracle

This session is especially near and dear to our hearts. Steven will be presenting one of our customer success stories and explain how they preserved their Oracle Forms system but radically modernized it to run via Oracle’s Mobile framework through Oracle’s Mobile Cloud. This is your chance to see Oracle Forms running on a Samsung Tablet!

  1. Why Mobile Needs a Cloud

Monday December 7, 2015| 3:10pm – 4:00pm| Hall 11B

Grant Ronald, Oracle

Mobile and Cloud are two trending terms here at UKOUG. Grant is an Oracle Forms, ADF, and Mobile expert, so who explain how the cloud can further your mobile initiatives? Be prepared for some stellar Oracle MAF and Oracle MCS demos.

  1. Experts Panel: What Does the Future Hold for Your Oracle Forms Systems?

Tuesday December 8, 2015 | 4:30pm – 5:20pm | Area Above the Box Office

Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

Come join us for an informal panel to discuss the future of Oracle Forms with Oracle ACE directors and Oracle PM’s. 

6.Live Mobile and Cloud Hacking by ACEs Using an OFM 12c Red Stack 

Sunday December 6, 2015 | 12:30pm-2:20pm|Executive Room 7

Ronald van Luttikhuizen, eProseed
Lonneke Dikmans, eProseed 
Luc Bors,eProseed 
Steven Davelaar,Oracle
Wilfred van der Deijl, The Future Group

Attend this session to learn about Oracle’s Cloud products, how they work together, and how they can be integrated into enterprise solutions. During this session, Oracle ACEs and A-Team members will develop a conference application that can be used by  attendees and administrators to schedule sessions, register for sessions, track attendance and notify attendees in case of changes.

Expect these products to make an appearance: Java Cloud Service (JCS), Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), Process Cloud Service (PCS), JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), Mobile Application Framework (MAF)

  1. Community Keynote: Revolutionizing Application Development with Oracle Cloud

Tuesday December 8, 2015 | 9:00am – 9:50am| Hall 11A

Duncan Mills, Oracle

Is your head in the Clouds? If not, maybe it needs to be. The Cloud is changing the way we develop and extend applications, so it’s essential we are aware of the present and future state of the Cloud. Duncan will be featuring live demos and will elaborate how Cloud services can improve the user experience within your organization.

  1. If You Don’t Have a Mobile Strategy You Don’t Have a Strategy

Monday December 7, 2015| 9:00am – 9:50am| Media Suite B

Grant Ronald, Oracle

The world has gone mobile, and it’s time for your enterprise systems to catch up. This session is essential for all organizations that are hesitant whether mobility is in their future. Grant will examine useful practices for overcoming challenges associated with mobility and will exhibit technologies that will bring you legacy applications to mobile devices.

Contact us if you’re interested in mobilizing your Oracle Forms without redevelopment or migration!

9.Mobile Strategy Open Forum

Wednesday December 9, 2015 | 9:00am- 9:50am| Area Above the Box Office

Grant Ronald, Oracle

Martin Cookson, Oracle

 Formulating a mobile strategy is complex and often overwhelming. Along with the upsides of mobility come many challenges (such as security, skills necessary, etc).  Be sure to attend this session for the opportunity to ask questions of Grant and Martin, who are experts in everything mobile. You’ll be guaranteed to gain valuable insights about mobility and emerge as a more informed decision maker.

  1. The Future of Oracle Development

Tuesday December 8, 2015 | 3:30pm-4:20pm| Hall 11A

Sten Vesterli, Scott/Tiger A/S

Sten is an all around Oracle development guru, so this session is certain to be enlightening. He will discuss various Oracle technologies available and disclose the strengths and drawbacks of each. This will be especially valuable for those struggling to decide which technology best fits their business’ needs. He’ll be covering technologies such as: Application Express, ADF, Oracle Forms.

  1. A Beginners Guide to Oracle Mobile Application Framework

Tuesday December 8, 2015 |10:00am-10:50am| Hall 11B

 Grant Ronald, Oracle

As we’ve implied previously, mobility is taking over the world! In this session, Grant will discuss why going mobile is more than just accessing an application in a mobile browser (come on, you can do better). He will also preform a live demo of Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). This is your chance to learn how to take advantage of the valuable features offered on mobile devices; these include camera, the ability to work offline, GPS, and more).

  1. The Forecast is Cloudy

Monday December 7, 2015| 11:20am- 12:10pm| Media Suite B

Susan Duncan, Oracle

Anyone confused by the several Cloud services Oracle is offering? If yes this session is a must-see. Susan will be reviewing various current and upcoming Oracle Cloud services. Once you understand your options, you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding which to utilize.


We are  looking forward to these awesome sessions and to see everyone in the UK. I would happy to meet with anyone who has questions or concerns regarding their Oracle Forms or EBS system or questions regarding how to devise a mobile or cloud strategy. Contact us  to set up a consultation and we will see everyone at UKOUG!













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Oracle OpenWorld 2015: The Developer’s Overview

Last week was Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, California, and a huge week for me and our whole team at AuraPlayer.  Our week began on Sunday when I presented my “Mobile / Cloud Buzz Words for Dummies” to over 120 people eager learn how to start their mobile journey. But in fact they weren’t! I was shocked to find out, by a show of hands, that only 3 people in a room of over a hundred had even begun to think about their mobile strategy. It once again reminds me that although the world is going and talking about mobility, but the enterprise has not yet caught up. Guys it’s time to wake up (or wake up your managers)!  We even offer free sessions on how to begin your mobile journey, so if you would like to know how and when to get started, let us know here.

Some of the AuraPlayer team

Some of the AuraPlayer team

Suhas and Mia Session

Monday was the opening of the exhibition hall.  Where we were in full force with both a booth in the Oracle Mobile Pavilion as well as showcasing 4 solutions in the areas of retail, healthcare, field service and shop room floor applications (e.g. inventory management) at the Samsung booth. Our highlighted solution was our joint project for New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Prior to the AuraPlayer/Oracle/Samsung solution, officers would report on accidents using pen and paper in the field and then a clerk would enter the data into a Forms back office application. The challenge was to modernize the system while leveraging the Oracle Forms legacy backend system-WITHOUT REDEVELOPMENT. The customer wanted a low maintenance solution and to be mobile without a costly and risky migration project. Now in the modernized collision reporting system, MTA uses AuraPlayer, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and Samsung tablets to work on location and even offline. Officers using the S Pen on the Samsung tablet write as though they are writing on a notepad, but the handwriting is then translated into text for a seamless user experience. In addition, the features of data capture have been enhanced to allow capturing of photos as well as annotation and notes on the photos, then all is stored directly into Oracle mobile cloud service.

#OOW15 MTA Team

#OOW15 MTA Team

MTA was also featured in Oracle’s mobile keynote presentation, given by Suhas Uliyar’s (Oracle’s VP of Mobile strategy). Here we also did a demo of the app on a Samsung tablet LIVE.

During the regular Oracle OpenWorld sessions, the main excitement for developers was the introduction of several new tools that will allow business users to develop rapid applications based on Oracle Mobile / Cloud features. The first one, MAX, will be included as part of the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and will allow business users to develop mobile apps using a wizard based, drag and drop development tool. This will help non-developers build cutting edge apps that can include graphs, list, maps and other advanced features of mobile applications, then deploy in a matter of seconds with a QR code. The second tool, the Oracle Application Builder will allow business users to create webpages through Oracle’s next generation developer cloud. This is again a wizard based development environment where using drag and drop, a JavaScript website is generated by any business user without any technical knowledge.

At the conference, many were worried about the fact that there seem to be tool confusion with the abundance of developer tools being offered in all different programming languages from PLSQL to Java.

Chris Tonas, Oracle’s VP of Development, in his Keynote on development technologies, presented an incredible slide to clarify the Oracle Development Map(below). He showed how JavaScript and Java are the top 2 development languages, and as such, Oracle wanted to provide development environments for both within the Oracle landscape.IMG_6883

To sum it up, to build Java based applications, developers can use Oracle ADF for enterprise applications accessible through a browser. For mobile apps, Oracle Mobile Framework is used to develop in Java to create on device apps for both IOS and Android (soon to be Windows 10).  Next we have the JavaScript developers. For them, Oracle released Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Tool kit). This will allow JavaScript developers to build web based applications within Oracle’s Cloud based development environment.

And of course, we still have the PLSQL development tools. Here, we have Oracle Apex to build rapid webpages based on dynamic PLSQL and JavaScript. And last but definitely not least! Oracle Forms will remain a constant, supported development tool to build on premise, enterprise level, data entry desktop applications. Once again Oracle declared their commitment to continue to support Oracle Forms, and this could not have been more evident as Oracle Forms 12 C was released on the heels of OOW. It can be downloaded here. We have been doing a lot of sneak peeks of Oracle Forms 12 C, but it is great to finally have it ready for general release. We will be showing a Forms 12 C new features webinar shortly.  Click here to register.

Finally, we have the development tools geared towards the business users ie. NO CODING REQUIRED – Oracle MAX, and Oracle Application Builder. Oracle MAX will be a feature of Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service. As we explained above, it is geared for business users to develop mobile apps using a wizard based, drag and drop development tool in a matter of hours. This functionality will revolutionize the way business users and especially Oracle Forms developers are able to navigate the mobile world.  Until MAX, Forms developers would need to learn HTML, Java Script, or Java, in order to build mobile front ends. But with AuraPlayer and MAX, Forms users can continue the wizard based development they are use to and extend their existing systems to mobile. Now, with a few clicks of a button the customers will be able to wrap their existing Forms systems as a REST service, using AuraPlayer’s cloud API, plug it into Oracle Mobile Cloud, and then with a few drag and drops, build a cutting edge user interface.  I am sure this will be a game changer for mobile development in the enterprise. We are looking forward to the release of MAX shortly, and we are happy to connect anyone who would like to see a demo of MAX, with the appropriate Oracle PM team. For more information on Oracle’s Mobile cloud, click here.

Then we have the website development tool for business users. As we mentioned earlier, with Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service, users with no previous programming experience are empowered to create and extend web and mobile apps on their own. If they are able to do a little programming, they can also write custom code for advanced use cases by using standard JavaScript, HTML5, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) techniques. Find more information here.

Seeing Oracle’s vision from end to end, for JavaScript, PLSQL and Java developers, really was an eye opener – and they can now say they have “the right tool for the right job – for any developer”.

A further interesting point was the fact that Oracle’s development tools are no longer required to work with Oracle’s Mobile Cloud. Xamarin has just signed a partnership with Oracle where their developers can easily use Oracle’s Mobile Cloud service as their back end infrastructure. This will now open up Oracle’s Cloud based environment to the over 1.2 million mobile developers who are now using the Xamarin solution.

IMG_0869Seeing all these new cutting edge UI development environments that connect to Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service was really exciting to us, especially since AuraPlayer can provide the back end API’s to expose Oracle Forms to any of these development  tools. So no matter what you choose to develop with for your front end UI, we have you covered on the back end.

All in all it was an incredible week of talking tech and meeting customers and friends. If anyone is interested in having an executive update on the Oracle developer landscape or the main messages from OOW, please let us know here. The next stops on our Oracle Forms modernization world tour will be next week at the DOAG conference in Germany followed by the UKOUG event in December. I will keep you guys updated.


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Its ALIVE …. Oracle Forms 12c is Here!


After months of waiting and anticipation. Oracle Forms 12c was released today at the kick off of Oracle OpenWorld.  And if you don’t believe me download it HERE !

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld to see demo’s and learn more about 12c new features and Oracle Forms cloud support and mobility. Schedule your 1:1 meeting HERE.




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Oracle Open World 2015 – Must-See Sessions – Oracle Forms, Mobile, Cloud & ADF

Oracle Open World Blog

The weather is cooling down, it’s the season of pumpkins, football, and, most importantly, it’s time to get excited for Oracle Open World! There are so many amazing sessions and speakers this year. We wish we could see all of them. To help you narrow down the list of choices, Mia Urman, Oracle ACE Director and AuraPlayer CEO, complied a list her of Must-See Sessions.

Before I discuss Mia’s favorites, I will begin with ones I’m super eager to attend. I realize I’m a bit biased.

Sunday, Oct 25 | 2:30pm-3:15pm | Moscone South—274
Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

Am I the only one who is slightly overwhelmed and confused by the acronyms that have taken the technology world by storm? Paas, MAF, Alta UI, and more. Mia will define the terms and lingo needed to effectively converse in the mobile and cloud spheres. After this session, you will be prepared to talk to the pros and to attend other sessions at OOW. FYI, Mia won best speaker award for this session at Kscope 15!

  • General Session: Mobile—the Heart of Digital Transformation
    Monday, Oct 26| 11:00am-11:45am| Moscone South—102
    o RimiBewtra, Senior Director, Product Marketing – Fusion Middleware, Oracle
    o DyanGanepola, IT Director, NY MTA
    o SuhasUliyar, Vice President Mobile Strategy Product Management, Oracle
    o BalaVenkataraman, IT Director, Martin Marietta

Here at AuraPlayer, we are especially excited for this session. Suhas, the Vice President of Mobile Strategy, will be presenting our customer success story on our project with MTA (New York Bridges and Tunnels). He will be demoing MTA’s Oracle Forms Collision Reporting system running from Oracle Mobile Cloud and Oracle Mobile Framework. This is your chance to see AuraPlayer’s technology in action; Oracle Forms running from a Samsung tablet live on stage!

Now, here are Mia’s Must See Sessions in no particular order (they are all expected to be equally amazing):

1. Rapid Enterprise JavaScript Development with Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service
Wednesday, Oct 28 | 11:00am- 11:45am|Moscone South—304
Brian Fry, Oracle

Don’t miss the unveiling of Oracle’s newest development tool! HTML5 and JavaScript have become industry standards. We are excited to show how this  new development tool will allow you to quickly create these web applications without complex  Java development.

2. Meet the Experts: Oracle’s Development Tools and Frameworks
Tuesday, Oct 27 | 6:15pm-7:10pm |Moscone South—300
o Grant Ronald, Director of Product Management, Oracle
o Shay Shmeltzer, Director of Product Management, Oracle
o Denis Tyrell, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

Meet the Experts is always a great way to find out about new products in the works and visions for upcoming development tools. I’m especially excited to see they are planning on discussing Oracle Forms, meaning there will be two sessions on Forms this year at OOW!

3. Real-Life Oracle Mobile Application Framework: What’s Not in the Developer’s Guide
Monday, Oct 26 | 2:45pm – 3:30pm| Moscone South—304
Luc Bors, eProceed

Interested in learning about Oracle MAF? If yes, be sure not to miss this session with Oracle MAF guru, Luc Bors.  He is author of Oracle Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide. Luc will discuss everything you need to know about Oracle MAF that is not included in the Oracle’s Developer Guide.

4. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: Mobile Interaction Platform for Digital Strategy
Monday, Oct 26| 1:30pm- 2:15pm| Moscone South—270
Deb Ayers&Kaj Van de loo, Oracle

Is your head in the clouds? If yes, this session is for you. If not, you must go to see what your missing! Kaj Van de loo is actually the Vice President of Oracle Mobile Cloud development so who better to hear about Oracle MCS from than the developers themselves?

5. An Introduction to Oracle Mobile Application Framework
Monday, Oct 26 | 12:15pm – 1:00pm|Moscone South—304
Grant Ronald, Oracle

This session is bound to be interesting for developers at the begining of their mobile journey. Attend to hear Grant, an Oracle Forms, ADF, and Mobile expert, go over the ins and outs of Oracle Mobile Application Framework. He used to be in charge of the oldest application framework, and now he will be explaining the newest one. A must for all newbies.

6. Systems on the Edge—Your Stepping Stones into Oracle Public Cloud and the PaaS Platform
Tuesday, Oct 27 | 11:00am – 11:45am |Moscone West—2022
Lucas Jellema, AMIS Holding B.V.

Lucas Jellema is literally the top guru in Middleware, so do not attend unless you are ready to learn tons. Lucas will go from top to bottom through the whole cloud PAAS stack with one massive demo. Not to be missed.

7. Oracle Forms 12c: The Beginning of a New Day
Monday, Oct 26 | 11:00am – 11:45am | Moscone South—306
Michael Ferrante, Oracle

The much-anticipated release of Oracle Forms 12c (12.2.1) is on its way! Michael Ferrante, Principal Product Manager will demo new features and discuss how these features can be used to make your legacy applications fresh again.
Here at AuraPlayer, we are excited to see the beta of Forms 12c as we specialize in Oracle Forms/EBS modernization and mobilization. Contact us to learn more!

8. Enterprise Mobile Persistence and Security Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework
Thursday, Oct 29| 10:45am – 11:30am| Moscone South—270
SriniIndla&Denis Tyrell, Oracle

Although it’s fun to see the development stages, it’s even more critical to know what to do once the app is created. How do we need to secure the app? Attend this session to get your  questions answered and more. This is a great chance for experts to really drill down into the  world or mobile security.

9. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: The One Thing Apple iOS and Android Developers Agree On
Thursday, Oct 29| 9:30 am- 10:15am| Moscone South—270
Frederic Desbiens, Oracle

This session is perfect for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service beginners (similar to Grant’s session for MAF beginners, which we discussed above).  Even if you’re not interested in the Cloud, it is really important to get an end-to-end view of what’s going on. This is Oracle vision for the future, so be sure to attend!

10. General Session: Revolutionizing Application Development with Oracle Cloud
Tuesday, Oct 27 | 11:00am – 11:45am| Moscone South—103
Chris Tonas, Oracle

Chris Tonas is the Vice President of Development  at Oracle. Yes, this session is high level, but we assure you it should be enlightening for everyone! It’s interesting to see a high level overview of Oracle’s vision and where they are planning to go next from a business prospective as oppose to a technical/tool prospective. Attend to get a global vision of what’s going on at Oracle.

We are excited to be attending OOW this year with a big team. You can find us at our kiosk in the mobile pavilion #009, and in our Premier partners, Samsung booth where we will be demoing 4 solutions on very cool Samsung devices. Request a meeting here.

As usual Mia will be a whirlwind, presenting and preforming her Oracle ACE director duties, and  as always, representing the ODTUG board. It’s safe to say we’ll have little down time, but we are very excited to represent these various groups!
Our Vice President of R&D will also be flying in from Tel Aviv, so be sure to schedule a technical demo with him here. Or if you’re interested in partnering, make sure to make an appointment with our VP of Business Development – Gwen Edwards.
And if you want to meet little old me to learn more about our full suite of Oracle Forms modernization, mobile, testing and monitoring solutions, request a meeting here.
Can’t wait to meet everyone in the golden state!

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The Real Future of Oracle Forms – Not the Demise of Forms! Response to LinkedIn Thread

There is quite a debate going around based on Simon’s linkedin post regarding the future of Forms; but when you read it you’ll see, he doesn’t actually talk about the future of Forms – he talks about the demise of Forms and its replacement: Oracle APEX. As someone who does believe in the future of forms, there are several things  I wanted to clarify.

Firstly, it mentions that despite the release of Oracle Forms 12c, Oracle has “failed to persuade him that Forms has a real future past 11g.” It’s strange that with a new version coming out imminently, and one after that already in the works, he is not convinced that Oracle is devoted to the progression of Forms. If you want to learn more about Forms 12c and beyond you can register for our webinar next month here.

Next, Simon addresses Oracle Forms mobilization, by stating, “If you want to access your Forms application or a cut down version of, on a mobile device – you can’t.” Truth be told, Oracle Forms is very easily, very rapidly able to be extended to mobile. We do it on a daily basis here at AuraPlayer. As Grant Ronald, Director of Product Management at Oracle, mentioned in the LinkedIn thred, “Today, there are several ways to mobilize Forms; and we have been very successful in mobilizing Oracle Forms customers to any user interface.” You can watch it in action here.

The difference is, where we are able to run Forms without redevelopment, the process of reverse engineering a Forms system to APEX, as Simon suggests, is an extremely risky and demanding project. Migration can require several years and millions of dollars, depending on the complexity of the system; migrating around 500 forms could require anywhere between 2 and 5 years and upwards of 2 million dollars. This is exactly the type of service that Simon supports (and sells): the utilization of APEX to replace existing Forms systems. While the same result can be achieved by using an enablement tool (such as AuraPlayer) which allows users to wrap their existing systems as a REST or SOAP services without the risk and at a fraction of the investment of time and money. In our opinion, migration is a tremendous drain on capital and waste of resources when the same end product can be achieved by leveraging the existing systems on new platforms. To learn more about strategies for mobilizing your Oracle Forms systems you can register for our webinar next month here.

The next claim goes on to assert that Oracle does not see a future in Forms because it does not see cloud as a priority. I, for one, as a Oracle Forms-Mobile Cloud partner, can speak to the inaccuracy of this claim. I was invited to be part of the Oracle Mobile Cloud beta. In fact, we have already developed a Forms plugin to the Oracle Mobile that we presented last year’s at Oracle Open World and are in the process of creating an additional demos as we speak. As Grant Ronald, Director of Product Management at Oracle explained, the exact development details of the integration’s precise breadth and depth are not released yet. However, I can testify  that it is 100% on Oracle’s roadmap and priority scheme to supply an Oracle Forms API for the Oracle Mobile Cloud solution.  In fact, you can see it for yourself, Oracle Forms running from the Oracle Mobile Cloud solution here.

As you can see, although Oracle themselves have not generated these tools, based on their intentions with their partnership and the development resources they’ve invested in working together with AuraPlayer, we can definitely tell you that there is a focus and priority on bringing Oracle Forms customers into the mobile cloud generation with their existing solutions. Furthermore, users will also be able to connect their systems to next generation Oracle tools, by using ORDS (Oracle Rest Data Services) to connect to APEX, or using things like the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to connect to the Mobile Application Framework, and using Web services to connect to ADF front ends. We would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to see Forms running from an Apex, Mobile Framework, .Net or ADF UI. You can request a demo here.

Therefore, with the capability to move forward with any of these technologies, there is no reason why customers cannot leverage their existing investments in Oracle Forms. This is why I feel that the way Simon approached this as an all-or-nothing, black and white way of addressing the issue is very unfortunate in its potential to make Forms users feel like their only reasonable option is to migrate away from  Forms. When that could not be more false. Today Forms users have more options for redevelopment free modernization than ever before!

In summary, I cannot stress enough the  commitment that Oracle has shown to Oracle Forms customers moving forward, both in the way that they work together with us to progress towards the enablement of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service strategies as well as in their development of new versions/features of the existing Forms products. This dedication can also be seen in the way Oracle and its Forms partners have continued to evangelize and speak with Forms customers in conferences both in the United States and internationally.

We welcome anyone to come to Oracle Open World, DOAG, or UKOUG to see these demos in action, where AuraPlayer will be presenting Oracle Forms from Oracle MCS and on mobile devices. Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms product manager will also be on hand at the following shows and would be happy to answer any questions people have on the actual future of Oracle Forms.  Of course if you’d like to talk about your personal Forms challenges, I’d be happy to give you a free consultation. Just get in touch with me here or ask your questions in the comments below.


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Modernizing New Jersey: One Forms System at a Time

Last week we had the pleasure of presenting at the New Jersey Government Oracle User Group (NJOUG).

It was incredible to see such a dedicated group of people; over 40 people came out to hear all different types of topics with regards to database, middleware, etc.

Mia was asked to speak on a range of topics from Forms, Reports, Mobile, Cloud and basically map out what she sees as the future of Oracle development from today as we move into the cloud generation. They gave her an hour and a half to do it; somehow she was still pressed for time 😉 and racing thru her demo of “How to Move Oracle Forms into the Oracle Mobile Cloud” in the last three minutes.

We were surprised to learn how many systems were still running in forms 6i. They explained that 5 years ago oracle was saying “forms is dead,” leaving them under the impression that they would have to migrate away from forms, so they didn’t upgrade, because they were going to migrate and needed to decide what technology to migrate to. Some systems attempted to redevelop with java, and stuck with it for over a year before getting so deep in the weeds that they ultimately abandoned the project and haven’t done anything on the Forms systems since. I hope after seeing the session and learning about all the ways to modernize without redevelopment they are happy to move forward and feel confident that an upgrade to 11g is the way to go.

We hope to do a lot more of these road shows with local user groups to show them how easy it can be to upgrade and modernize their Oracle Forms. It’s important that more people start to recognize that Oracle is committed to forms and that it is not going anywhere, that upgrades are possible, and they can modernize. If you want to invite Mia Urman to talk for your group please contact us at For more info, the slides from our NJOUG session are available on our website here; or, you can read more about our modernization options from our Facelift page here. Of course, if you have any specific questions about your own Forms challenges, you can contact us directly at info@auraplayer.

– Jackie Sullivan


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ODTUG Kscope15 Review: It was the best of times, it was the best of times!

Last week AuraPlayer headed south to attend ODTUG’s annual KScope conference in Hollywood, Florida. It was very exciting to play many pivotal roles; serving as an ODTUG Board member, an Exhibitor, a 2 time speaker and an Oracle ACE Director. The event was definitely a highlight – I truly learned a lot and, of course, had a lot of fun.

With that being said, so much happened that it would be nearly impossible to provide an in-depth account of the entire conference. Instead, I’m going to focus on what I felt were KScope’s top events, including the top tech moment, the top fun moment, my top personal moment, and the top AuraPlayer moment of the conference. That way, you guys can hear about all of the highlights and I won’t be writing all week. :-)

Let’s get to it!

Top Tech MomentPhoto Jun 23, 08 32 03



Bright and early on Tuesday morning (despite the urge to take advantage of a golden opportunity to sleep in being without my 3 kids for the week) I attended the “Build Something! IoT = Internet + Oracle + Things” hands-on training session put on by C2 Consulting’s Anton Nielson, at 8:30 am.  Now that’s commitment to technology!

It proved to be well worth the wakeup, as it went on to win the conference’s award for Best Session. Anton was certainly very deserving of the honor; his premise was very cool. To put it simply, they had us hook up resistors, a thermostat and LEDsPhoto Jun 23, 09 25 46 on a wifi-enabled circuit board – then interact with it through a simple Oracle Application Express (APEX) application we built. The high and low temperature set points were controlled via the application, meaning, A hot temperature would trigger a red light, medium temperatures elicited a yellow light, and cool temperatures prompted a green light. In the APEX app, the



users could change the values for hot, medium and cold. It was especially interesting because we had to build the electronic circuit, which involved connecting the LEDs and the chip. It was fun to put together the electronic portion and actually build the device as well as connect it to the Apex and ORDS back end.

What was especially nice about the “concept to completion” was that Anton made it a family affair. His son was walking around helping people, while his daughter did the welding. Several people from the Apex PM team as well as his own consulting team were also on hand. I was really impressed by the company and the amount of effort they put into this hands on session. We’re actually going to meet up with them in Boston to do some cool Oracle Forms IoT using AuraPlayer so stay tuned ….. should be interesting.

Top AuraPlayer Moment

20150622_222608The best part of the conference for AuraPlayer as a company was the re-occurring theme of meeting with customers that we had spoken to in the past who were finally ready to begin their mobile journey. Many of them had been speaking to us for the past 2-3 Kscopes about the possibility of mobilizing and modernizing their forms systems, but just didn’t have the budget or weren’t prepared to take that initial step. It was great to see that this year, many were finally ready and energized to move for20150623_184304ward and modernize their user interfaces and mobilize their back office EBS applications. It seems the world of retail have finally grown tired of managing inventory using post-it notes. It was especially exciting for us to have our new Implementation manager, Andrew Keating, on board to take the lead on getting these customers on the right track for their modernization and mobilization projects. If you want to get basics on how you can use Oracle Mobile Framework to Modernize Oracle Forms you can check out the slides from my session “Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to Enhance Your Legacy Applications” here. I’ll never stop being surprised that I need to convince people that systems that are over a decade old need to be refreshed / modernized but if you need convincing you can checkout the slides!

 Top Personal Moment

The Oracle Forms Community Team

The Oracle Forms Community Team

My personal highlight of the conference was being awarded the Best Speaker for the ADF  Track. This was the first year that Kscope awarded best speaker by content type; typically, the best speakers come from EPM or APEX track, since most of the conference participants are in those sessions. However, since they divided it by track this year, I had a shot and to sneak in a win for Best Speaker for my presentation, “What’s in a Word: Mobile/Cloud Terminology For Dummies.” I’m happy to see that that session was liked by all the participants; especially since I showed up a few minutes late after being held up moderating my Lunch and Learn session with the ADF community. A big thank you to the community for voting for me for Best Speaker – Photo Jun 22, 17 46 35even-though time was against me. 😉 You can download the slides for my session “What’s in a Word: Mobile/Cloud Terminology For Dummies” here.

Most Fun

Photo Jun 24, 21 59 23 (1)The conference’s most fun moment was easily the Wednesday night WHITE party – wow, does ODTUG know how to throw an event! YCC and the conference committee – especially my girl Natalie – thought of EVERYTHING! I mean champagne was being poured from the ceiling literally!  I don’t think I had fun like that since my freshman year in college! It was nice to mix some pleasure in with the business; after such a grueling week full of so many community and technical events. Photo Jun 24, 21 08 04There was great music, games, fire throwers, and more – all of the ingredients to make for an incredible time! And what could be more fun than watching fellow board members Cameron, Monty and Dave ROCK IT OUT!

Photo Jun 24, 22 47 37 Photo Jun 24, 21 20 04Photo Jun 24, 22 34 11Photo Jun 24, 22 03 59


Photo Jun 24, 21 20 04








Photo Jun 21, 18 40 32Our Conference Techy MVP

Before I wrap this post up, I have to mention how great it was to have Michael Ferrante, the Oracle Forms Project Manager, on location with us and to be able to listen to his conversations with customers about their challenges and fears going forward. Michael as always our fearless leader (checkout the alligator wrestle <-) had his work cut out for him with disgruntled Forms users coming at him, most of which ended up leaving looking relieved and with a smile. It was particularly great hearing how he has been able to take Forms into the next generation with Forms 12c, and plans for versions beyond that. He certainly calmed many fears about the future of Forms,and it is great to see this type of leadership looking ahead with Oracle Forms. A big Thank you to Michael for his support of the Forms community – we really appreciate all that you’re doing!

Our Conference MVP

20150623_215304Photo Jun 18, 22 21 31My MVP overall had to be the amazing YCC staff (My Ladies, you know who you are !) and conference committee who thought of EVERYTHING to make my days in Hollywood the best they could be. From airport pickups to tuxedo wearing strawberries I was treated like royalty. Although being on the board of ODTUG is a labor … of love ….you guys make it so much fun. Especially the HUGE boxes of kosher food for lunches 😉

Between building my own electric circuit and reuniting with familiar faces, another great Kscope has come to an end, and I’m looking forward to next year. Although I’m told the hotel is already sold out! So I may be out in the cold unless you guy vote me back onto the board (Yes subtle hint)

The ADF / Mobile Community

Photo Jun 22, 12 50 05Regrading next year, we got some incredible feedback about the ADF track and what types of things developers are looking for. Currently, Oracle and the content committee was under the impression that people were interested in learning about all the future Cloud/mobile development stuff and therefore have been focusing their efforts and sessions on that. However, in our ADF ACE director panel, we heard from you – the real users – that you actually want more technical drill-down into ADF with use cases, input from experts about what they’re up to, and deep dive development based sessions, as opposed to Oracle vision or marketing based material. This was definitely some amazing feedback, and we will be taking it to heart as we plan next year’s conference and approach Oracle Open World.

If there’s anything else that you guys feel like you’d like to see in future conferences, or any suggestions regarding what we, the ODTUG Board or the KScope Conference committee, can do better, please let us know in the comments below. If not, we hope to see you all at Oracle Open World in a couple of months! And if you want to chat with anyone from the Oracle Forms community or the AuraPlayer team you can reach out at


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Our Top 10 ODTUG #Kscope15 Sessions for Mobile / ADF/ Cloud / Forms Developers

It’s that time of year again; Kscope time, and I’m sure you are as excited as we are. You are most likely spending every moment of your free time reading the never-ending list of sessions tryinaurakscopeg to decide which ones to attend. Although there are over 300 to choose from, it’s time to bite the bullet and make decisions, because schedules must be made. To help you on your way, Mia, AuraPlayer’s CEO, has compiled a list of her Must-See Sessions.

With this list by your side, you can spend more time mingling with other attendees and taking advantage of everything Kscope 2015 has to offer!
1. Before getting to Mia’s favorites, I will begin with the best. Though, I am bit biased.

a. Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to Enhance Your Legacy Applications, ADF and MAF Track
Monday: 9:45AM – 10:45AM

In this session, Mia will teach you how to utilize Oracle’s Mobile Framework to rejuvenate and modernize your Oracle Forms legacy or EBS applications. This includes a live demo, so be sure not to miss it!


b. What’s in a Word: Mobile/ Cloud Terminology For Dummies, ADF and MAF Track
​​Tuesday: 11:15AM – 12:15PM

Mia decided to do this session for all the people who are having trouble understanding the buzz word avalanche that is currently being thrown around by IT professionals. Attend this session and learn the lingo of the alphabet soup in the Mobile and Cloud realms. Hopefully, you’ll be ready to converse with the tech pros in no time!

After careful consideration, here are Mia’s Must-Attend Events:
Before choosing any individual sessions I want to remind everyone that they MUST attend the Sunday symposiums. This is a full day of Oracle PMs giving you sneak peaks into Oracle’s future vision for the tools of interest for your community. Not to be missed!

Now onto my list:
2. Choosing the Right Mobile Architecture, ADF and MAF Track
Wednesday : 8:30AM – 9:30 AM Lonneke Dikme, Proseed

As mobile slowly takes over our world we need to make sure that our backend systems and infrastructure will be able to handle it. I chose this session not only because Lonneke is a killer female techy, but also to get educated about the advantages of various Mobile Architectures, and to help you choose which Mobile Architecture would be most ideal for your business.

3. Oracle BI Mobile Strategy and Roadmap, Business Intelligence Symposium
Sunday: 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM Jacques Vigeant​​​​, Director of Product Management, Oracle Corporation

Matt Milella, Director of Development, Oracle Corporation

What could be better than learning about Oracle’s BI Mobile Strategy from two Oracle Directors? I’m interested to see where the BI tools are headed and what Oracle already has to offer in the BI mobile space.

4. Creating Hybrid Applications: With or Without APEX?, Application Express Track
Tuesday: 11:15AM-12:15PM Roel Hartman, Consulting

If you’re interested in anything APEX-related, then I highly suggest you check out a session by Roel. In this session, he will discuss Hybrid Applications that function with or without APEX. We at AuraPlayer know a lot about APEX hybrid systems after working with Roel to create an APEX demo to run Oracle Forms as a shared component of APEX using our solution. If you are curious and want to see more, check out our website and watch our demo!

5. What’s New and Coming in Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, Planning Track
Wednesday: 1:45PM – 2:45PM Shankar Viswanathan, Oracle Corporation

No list about Kscope would be complete without one EPM session- considering they make up over 50% attendees. This session shows that no Oracle community is safe from the mobile cloud revolution, so they better just embrace it!

6. Build a Mobile App in 60 Minutes with MAF, ADF and MAF Track
Monday: 2:00PM – 3:00PM John King,​King Training Resources

This session is perfect for beginners looking to learn the process of creating their own Mobile Application; we can’t think of a better way to spend 60 minutes! Besides the fact that John King consistently beats me out for best speaker in the ADF track 😉

7. Oracle Forms Lives On: What Will You Do Now? Database Development Track
Wednesday: 1:45PM-2:45PM Michael Ferrante,​Oracle Corporation

This session is a MUST for any company with any investment in Oracle Forms. Michael Ferrante, the fearless leader of the Forms world, will dive into what we can expect for Forms going forward. Attend to learn how to future-proof Oracle Forms to meet the challenges of a next generation enterprise. If you’d like to meet with Michael 1-on-1 to discuss your own personal Oracle Forms challenges, he is actually open to meeting with customers at booth 109. Register here to reserve a timeslot.

8. Mobile Cloud Service Overview for Mobile Developers, ADF and MAF Symposium
Sunday: 1:00PM – 2:00PM Lynn Munsinger, Oracle Corporation

If you haven’t noticed, Mobile and Cloud are two common themes of this year’s conference and in today’s technological culture. This session combines the two and will provide an overview of Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service. This is especially of interest to me, as I was part of the Oracle Mobile Cloud beta program back in October. I am so excited to see the progress that has been made. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play around and create my own AuraPlayer API to plug Oracle Forms into the mobile cloud. We even created a cool video demo of it, so if anyone is interested in seeing it with their own eyes, just let me know in the comments below!

9. APEX, Node.js, and HTML5: Magic!, Application Express Track
​Tuesday: 2:00PM- 3:00 PM Alan Arentsen, Ordina
This session sounds really exciting; it merges the worlds of rapid application development using APEX alongside the power of Node.js. It will be interesting to see how this works.

10. Real-Life Oracle MAF: The Things You Don’t Learn from Oracle’s Developer’s Guide, ADF and MAF Track
Tuesday: 11:15AM – 12:15PM Luc Bors, eProseed

This session is not for the faint of heart. Luc Bors, author of Oracle Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide, will discuss everything you need to know about Oracle MAF that is not included in the Oracle’s Developers Guide. You’ll leave this session with a more complete and comprehensive understanding of Oracle’s Mobile Framework. And I’m sure you’ll see some cool demos too.

In addition to the previously mentioned sessions, it is beneficial for everyone to attend at least one Hands- On Training session led by the A++ Oracle Team. Here you are guaranteed to not only learn WHAT Oracle is doing in the Cloud and Mobile space but also see HOW the Cloud/Mobile platforms operate.

a. Hands-On Training: Team Development and Collaboration in the Cloud
Monday: 9:45AM – 10:45AM   Bryan Fry, Oracle Corporation

b. Hands-On Training: Developing On-Device Mobile Apps with Oracle MAF
​Tuesday: 11:45AM – 12:45PM  Lynn Munsinger, Oracle Corporation

In addition to these awesome events, be sure to come visit me at booth #109, to have a drink, talk tech, and hear about bringing Oracle Forms to the Mobile / Cloud Platforms. And if these aren’t reason enough, we also have awesome give-aways!

Visit our Website  and the Kscope15 site  or email for more information.

See everyone in the Sunshine State!

Mia Urman
Mobile: (973)518-0271
Oracle Blog:
Twitter: @miaurman


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